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  1. Plenty of snow across Ireland for Friday on the latest GFS and UKMO runs, the former bringing in a thaw quicker though it has to be said.
  2. True that actually, was just looking at the pressure charts. Also very cold uppers still holding on in most across the northern half of the British Isles.
  3. GFS seems very consistent in bringing the low straight up towards the UK. Almost no change on the 6z
  4. ICON at the end seems to have a battleground type scenario forming with the Azores low southerlies running up against northeasterlies moving in. This is towards Sunday mind. The low on Friday seems to be further south meaning cold(er) uppers for longer over Southern England.
  5. If I remember correctly bits of County Waterford (around Dungarvan) saw very little snow at all, especially later on (the Comeragh Mountains probably shielded them). Also while West Cork did see a bit of snow (even relations of mine down on the usually very mild Beara Peninsula got a good few inches if I recall), the extreme south coast (around Kinsale) was also snowless I think.
  6. Scandi High in late FI, bringing -8 uppers across the UK and Ireland
  7. Snow over England north of the M4 corridor and Northern Ireland. Rain for Southern England and Southern Ireland.
  8. Very much expecting downgrades at this stage, obviously you imagine that you will be wrong eventually but after six years of waiting for even the most watered down snowy spell you know the same thing will happen every "winter". Maybe wet snow showers on a few days if we're lucky, lying snow maybe for an hour or two even! Particularly grating for me as having been abroad (mostly) for the snowier winters of the late 2000s, I fully expected to see something similar when I moved back home in 2011. How wrong I was, nothing since then. We've obviously witnessed a real paradigm shift in win
  9. GFS certainly remains very chilly towards the end of the run, although the Synoptics are a bit of a mess with a very weak Greenland high setting up alongside the Azores high.
  10. Both the GFS and UKMO are good in the short to medium term but are consistent with the High sinking southwards, GFS especially so.
  11. High pressure sinks over British Isles in the ECM this morning, bit of a change from yesterday’s runs.
  12. "Damage" is a tiny bit over the top. Synoptics are still great, a lack of immediate northeasterlies doesn't make the run a disaster. We'll see where this takes us.
  13. 20 minute heavy snow shower just finished here in Cork. Didn't stick though.
  14. Easterly fails to really even get started on the GFS. Disappointing run overall. We shall see how this progresses tomorrow.
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