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  1. Well so much for the mega storms forecast for here...I'm happy for all you that got them and still are though. The ones moving up from the south now will pass East of here and I can't see much else developing in this area. Been grey and cloudy with showers all day. The sun is out now but I don't think that will help.
  2. Was expecting a lot more than this for here today. Apart from the lightning in the early hours this morning theres been nothing but grey sky and showers. Not looking good so far.
  3. It's coming from the West. Lightning is getting more frequent and thunder is getting louder so Paul it should be heading your way soon I reckon.
  4. And this is just night time. With all the potential later hopefully we will have much more wide spread storms. I hope these last all night and day. F* sleeping for as long as this lasts.
  5. Kicking off here now! Lovely lightning forks and loud thunder. That was much faster than I though it would hit here.
  6. Still plenty of time and tomorrow early morning and during the day / afternoon has the most potential to spark major widespread storms. Dont worry just yet.
  7. Haven't heard a single distant rumble yet for a a few weeks but I'm still excited and restless watching the radars and reports...Please if you have a cam, upload pics and video if you can. May Thor bless you.. And me...
  8. Eastbourne and Hastings is about to get battered by a mega storm. Throwing out some major strike over the channel.
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