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  1. Sunny all day with blue skies, almost perfect but still feeling a bit on the cool side, especially in the breeze. Reached 14.2°C, currently 12.9°C
  2. Somehow I've reached 20°C here once this year and that was back on 30th March when it reached 20.6°C. Hardly been anywhere near that since with 17.2°C being the closest on 1st April. Most days haven't really even been what I'd call pleasant, even today which was supposed to be warmer just about crept up to 14.2°C which I guess isn't too bad compared to lately but it still felt cool.
  3. Looks like it's the showers that passed over here a couple of hours ago that have slowly drifted NE. Didn't do a lot here but they look a bit more intense now than they were here.
  4. Cloudy all day so far although the sun appears to be starting to come through. 13.9°C
  5. After looking like it could the wettest day of the week so far it's ended up the driest with no rain at all. Just a dry cloudy day. 11.3°C
  6. A few showers here this afternoon and a few rumbles of thunder in one of them. Probably the most interesting day weatherwise here for some time. Reached 11.2°C but currently only 7.6°C as another showers just passed over.
  7. Didn’t get much from it here as it just passed to the south. The back edge of the shower that gave those rumbles is visible to the SE While another shower appears to be approaching from the west.
  8. Haven’t seen an awful lot here so far but did just about catch this not long ago looking south.
  9. Dry and mostly sunny all day and slightly warmer although it didn't feel that pleasant in the breeze. Reached 14.5°C, currently 8.2°C
  10. Cloudy with the odd light shower so far today. Mid-late afternoon in early May and it's only 9°C. 😩
  11. Managed a slightly heavier shower about an hour ago but still not a lot in comparison to what other areas have seen.
  12. Mostly cloudy with the odd light shower so far. A much heavier shower just missed to the west of here not long ago which seems to have been the case several times over the last few days. Very disappointing temperatures again today, currently 9.7°C
  13. April 2021 Barton on Sea, Hampshire Temperature Max Temp: 17.2°C (1st) Min Temp: -1.7°C (7th) Mean Max: 12.1 Mean Min: 2.6 Air Frosts: 5 Rainfall Total: 4.8mm Wettest Day: 1.6mm (11th) Max Rain Rate: 3.6mm/hr (11th) Pressure Highest: 1033.5 hPa (15th) Lowest: 1003.2 hPa (28th) Snow Days with snow falling: 2 Days with snow lying: 0
  14. Sunny for a lot of this morning but it clouded over late morning and has remained cloudy with a few spots of rain since. 11.7°C
  15. Just heard a faint rumble from those strikes off the coast near Bournemouth. A few spots of rain here today but that's it so far. 9.2°C
  16. Both days this weekend have been a continuation of last week with clear sunny days but spoilt by a cool breeze. Reached 15.0°C today but never really felt like that.
  17. Very simi;ar to yesterday, sunny with blue skies and a cool breeze. The only real difference is the breeze is stronger than yesterday. 14.6°C
  18. Sunny with blue skies but feels a bit cooler today as the breeze is colder. 13.5°C
  19. Started off sunny but it’s clouded over now. The stronger wind today has prevented a sea breeze which has meant it’s been warmer than the last few days here. 15.3°C
  20. Sunny with blue skies all day again. It felt quite warm first thing when it reached 14.9°C but a sea breeze picked up which has made it feel quite cool this afternoon. 11.8°C
  21. Sunny with blue skies and feeling a bit warmer although the breeze is still quite cold. 11.2°C
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