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  1. Hurricane Ophelia

    Local radio station here "The Emergency Broadcast System is now enacted & Beat will be broadcasting the emergency Government broadcast through the night. Stay indoors"
  2. Hurricane Ophelia

    Stores and big name supermarkets have decided to shut their doors tomorrow over here :O
  3. Lightning activity over Munich seems to have stopped
  4. Sporadic thunderstorms across Ireland in a squall line this evening
  5. Cap could be breaking in Southern Ireland
  6. I'm in awe watching the lightning developing on those cells south of Leeds!
  7. Is there any hope for us on East Coast of Ireland? Is this developing into MCS?
  8. Would I be right in thinking that storm is heading NW towards Ireland?
  9. Weather Warnings issued for Ireland for heavy rain and thunder from tomorrow night onwards
  10. I'm in Eastern Ireland. Some charts showing some potential this evening and overnight
  11. very interesting SE Ireland now
  12. Sky looks very unstable already West of Dublin. Very sticky morning 19c
  13. Getting very busy in the irish sea all of a sudden, S Ireland could be in for a treat!