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  1. The S Wales Storm looks to have Merseyside in its sights. Ofcourse if it doesn’t do what the Birmingham Cell did yesterday and just die off.
  2. Indeed. I was on the phone to my mate in Liverpool and she was just awestruck that I could see some of the flashes here. The one things she said was that the lightning in Liverpool just started all of a sudden and not a gradual build up, it’s started constantly flashing just like that from nothing.
  3. Measured a good 300km from the storms to where the flashes were visible here in Ireland. Quite remarkable.
  4. Lads I can see quite bright flashes from the Wales/Merseyside storms here west of Dublin!!!
  5. Train of new Cells developing down through Buckinghamshire. Lining up for Birmingham id say. Not good news for those flood hit areas.
  6. If ya want to see some decent storms you can also find them all the way up in Trondheim too. The weather is gone mad!
  7. Easily the warmest and most humid day so far here today. Currently 24c DP at 18c. Maybe in luck tomorrow for storms in Ireland.
  8. Is the lightning starting to get a little busier now in general across central england?
  9. I wonder will any elevated convection head to E Ireland after exiting Wales
  10. Yeah i think it could be rogue overspill sferics from the storms over Holland. They are out of control at the moment! So early in the day too!
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