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  1. hello all I have a Aercus instruments weatherRanger the humidty reading keeps reading 1% if I recalibrate it to weather station a few streets away it resets to the 1% reading. anyone got any ideas as to why this is happening? Gordon
  2. Gordon Dodman

    acerus weather ranger batteries

    yes it is that one, the red light is flashing and I've got Duracell AA batteries
  3. hello I am getting intermittent transmissions from my acerus weather ranger I was wondering if it could be the batteries. My question is do any of you have recommendations for batteries to install to the external sensor array I put normal alkaline batteries in when I got it about 8 months ago. Gordon
  4. Gordon Dodman

    acerus weather ranger

    Hi Vizzy the station is a couple of months old it just seemed strange that the clock had literally stuck as it was not changing time not even the seconds were changing. Gordon
  5. my acerus weatheranger stopped reporting to Wunderground this morning when I checked it the clock on the console had stopped/locked at 02:44 that was when it stopped reporting I turned off the console and restarted it. seemed to work ok after and is still working. has anyone had this problem before with this weather station. Gordon