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  1. Partly cloudy,dry with a breeze that goes right through you.
  2. Overcast again today,breezy and feels cold in that breeze.
  3. Dry,overcast and quite misty,winds light.
  4. Clear skies,winds calm and feeling cool.
  5. Passing shower,quite breezy feels cool.
  6. Sunny spells and occasional showers,winds light.
  7. Misty,murky with drizzle and light winds.
  8. Cloudy with moderate to heavy rain and light winds.
  9. Overcast dry with light winds,not to bad out tbh.
  10. Windy,occasional showers going through with some breaks in the cloud too between the showers.
  11. Cloudy,misty but dry and quite breezy,feels cool too.
  12. Dull and grey with drizzle and light winds,not a pleasant start to the weekend at all.
  13. Dry,mainly cloudy with light winds.
  14. Wet and windy but feels mild.
  15. Dry,cloudy with very light winds.
  16. Overcast,moderate rain and breezy.Yuk!
  17. Mostly cloudy few chinks of blue,light winds and dry.
  18. Mostly cloudy but with a few breaks in the cloud and light winds.
  19. Overcast with spits of rain,misty murky grey,with light winds.
  20. Overcast misty and dry with very light winds.
  21. What a well explained outlook,always liked Alex Deakin on the bbc very enthusiastic and informs people very well.
  22. Fine and sunny,quite breezy and dry.
  23. Dry,quite misty,cold wind and cloudy.