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  1. Chilly to start with sunny spells and no wind.
  2. Dry and mostly sunny with no winds.
  3. Beautiful blue skies and very light winds on the chilly side though.
  4. Dry,partly cloudy with light winds.
  5. Damp,misty and murky with light winds.
  6. Cloudy and dry with fresh winds.
  7. Cloudy with light rain and light winds.
  8. Earlier rain now stopped,now cloudy dry and breezy.
  9. Cloudy,dull breezy and dry.
  10. Dry quite windy at times and dry.
  11. Fine clear and sunny with light winds.
  12. Dry and cloudy with a light breeze.
  13. Dry,hazy sunshine with light winds.
  14. Rain now cleared,light winds and cloudy.
  15. Dry,cloudy,misty feeling mild.
  16. A little drizzle first thing now cloudy light winds and dry.
  17. Mostly cloudy,dry with light winds.
  18. Cloudy with drizzle and quite breezy.
  19. Dry and cloudy with a light breeze.
  20. Overcast,dry and quite breezy... yesterday a fine sunny dry day.
  21. Dry,breezy and bar some patchy cloud...mostly sunny,
  22. Dry with clear sunny skies and light winds.
  23. Quite cool this morning with sunny spells and patchy cloud,light winds.
  24. Chilly start,but feels very nice in the sun now.Light winds and mostly sunny.