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  1. thanks for these^ The ext EPS clusters plaster heights all over the NW/N and NE... and there is only two +NAO'S (blue boxes) in there,...i will take that😏
  2. Here they all are at 144... they all have some sort of wedge to our north =😎
  3. The latest from the GEM at 144😍 i am loving these upgrades this afternoon, I did miss out on the snow today but i am also glad that other folk got it this time and maybe more to follow☺️
  4. Getting colder from the NE i would of thought.
  5. The gfs at 174,this could slide nearer the time.
  6. I am only saying what it shows on the tin and that looks to be pushing NE to me,i am sure you will do fine out of this snow event and i hope you get a good dumping but what i am stating is there are chances further north looking at that latest radar.
  7. Well we are in a cold spell then briefly out of one then plunge into a much deeper one if the gefs are to be believed... gefs full set,...i will take that😍☺️
  8. The cfsv2 keeps on churning those good charts for Feb last five funs from yesterday's 00z to this morning's 00z.
  9. Look at the 850's dive-bomb into Feb,this has been signposted over the last few days now... a look at the day ten EPS(i don't know if this has already bean posted) but that looks a lot different to previous with that Azores high being pushed further S/SW that Ural blocking is starting to show up on the day ten EPS clusters too. the op and control in cluster 1.
  10. Just joined and what an 18z run ...And viola...😍 ^just look at that cross polar flow,...nice.
  11. Glad for you mate,it's about time the southerners got in on the action👍
  12. Is it me or does the Atlantic look as dead as a dodo past day ten on the gefs ens?
  13. ? i have been using this same link for years Feb,what has changed? Meteo: Ensemble de prévisions WWW.METEO24.FR Prévisions Météo gratuites pour toute la France : Alertes pluie, neige, verglas sur 14 jours. Images radar et satellites. Plus de 2 millions de lieux référencés dans le monde.
  14. Just that at the moment DWW☺️ no but they only go out to day ten,the interest still lies past that when hopefully amplification takes hold the latest gefs ens look better than the 12z going into Feb with the mean getting down to -5...
  15. Evening guys😏 there is hints in the models over the last few days to get some ridging/blocking to our north in fl starting in the Atlantic,the latest gfs shows this this evening starting at just 222 hrs then this deepest in fl i know but this looks like MJO driven into phase 6/7 at trying to get a block to our N/NE looking at the eps tactile upto 192 hours and you can see the latest(red) ens starting to push the blocking from the SW towards the UK(center of circle),i have drawn a black arrow as to where i hope that this direction of travel will be in the next few day
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