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  1. finaly managed to creep out of bed since saturday,with a fever or flu,body aching all over and a bad fiery cough now,anyone esle had these symptoms,not nice:(

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    2. Dami


      What you are telling me I still have although less mild. It hits suddenly, becomes a mild cold, then a week later, fever, shivering, not wanting to eat, feeling sick, constant pain and headache like sinusitis  a hacking cough, and my legs ached so much i could barely walk. Even now i wake up with a coughing fit and no energy, i feel like the walking dead trying to get anywhere and by the time it starts to get better the evening comes and you feel yucky again. Doctors right it off as a 'virus' 

    3. Dami


      no no my comment wasn't aimed at you - but i'm sure many would tell me to 'man up' My own hubby doesn't see anything as an illness unless i've been to the docs, even if he can hear the coughing and being sick etc.


    4. CreweCold


      Yes, doctors will write it off as a virus as a) there's very little they can do to medicate a virus and b) it could be one of thousands that are still going round at this time of year. 

      I hate viruses!

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