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    Headcorn, Kent, UK
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    Weather, Storm chasing, Photography, Amateur Radio
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    Severe Weather, Thunderstorms

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I'm Nick from Headcorn in Kent. I've had an interest in weather for many years however only started recording data regularly when I brought an Oregon Scientific Weather Station back in 2005.

I setup local weather website www.headcorn.org which quickly grew in popularity as I added new features and now receives hundreds of hits a day worldwide.

I've recently upgraded to a Davis Pro2+ station along with live lightning detection using a boltek detector.

Back in 2012 I realised an ambition to visit the plains to witness some of the most amazing storm systems in the world. I joined Netweather on Tour 2 then, and in 2013 returned on tour 5 visiting the high plains. I'm back with Netweather for a third year in 2014 on Tour 4 on the High Plains tour again and thoroughly looking forward to it.


Have a read of the blogs and follow us live on the tours via the live stream. If you're considering stormchasing definitely do it but be sure to go with a team such as netweather who fully understand the environment, risks and have the equipment to put you in the best position to witness the storms in safety.

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