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  1. If It's any consolation, you always seem to do better for accumulations than us down the road in Stockport, we had no lying snow in March 2013, yet there was a fair bit in and around Ashton when I went.
  2. What's your altitude WH? Only sticking on cars and grass here. My location is urban though...
  3. The flakes here are a more normal size now. We had a 5-10 minute period of absolute monsters though. Didn't think to take a photo, sorry!
  4. Wow. These flakes are seriously big. Biggest I've ever seen probably! At least 2-3 inches wide! Unreal...
  5. Massive flakes here now. Still refusing to stick, though.
  6. Ouch. And to think Liverpool is accumulating the white stuff.
  7. I was with family in Childwall yesterday and there was a mighty hail shower at around 3pm. Looked to have been a lot more precipitation in Liverpool compared to back home.
  8. Another day, more rain. I wonder how many that is on the bounce now?
  9. As the days grow longer, the cold gets stronger. Well, hopefully!
  10. A completely dry day will do me, preferably a sub zero, wall-to-wall sunshine one. Starting to get naffed off with the rain now, especially working outdoors.
  11. Yeah. It just dawned on me before - the persistence of the rain if not the quantity. Saying that, it's been pretty wet here the past week especially. Lots of flooded drains and standing water about. I reckon you'll have had more rain than round here due to your location, but I bet not many places (if any) in the NW have had a single dry day.
  12. Anyone near to me (Stockport) confirm or deny my suspicions that it has rained at least at some point every day this month? This December seems to have been so changeable that even bright, frosty mornings have given way to showers/rain later in the day. Lost count on the amount of times I've got wet in work this month after hearing "It will be largely dry today" on the morning forecast. Has it been surprisingly wet in our neck of the woods? Or am I exaggerating?
  13. Are there grounds for an authority to ban demonstrations based on their message/content/ideology? It's a genuine question, because if Muslims are allowed to protest for the establishment of sharia law, a worldwide Muslim Caliphate or for the death of all non-believers it's only right that those opposed to such sentiments are allowed to protest, too?
  14. That figure for the 18th is looking highly improbable. Although I'm at the extreme northern end of the CET zone the forecast high is 12C, so where a daily mean of 13C comes from I don't know. It surely can't be that much warmer further south, can it? A very mild day, no doubt, but I'll eat my hat if it's as warm as the 12z GFS parallel suggests.
  15. Earlier on I saw a brief rain/snow mix, then a 5 minute period of light/moderate wet snow, back again to rain/snow mix for a while, and that was that.
  16. No worries. You are right, though. Western Ireland (in particular) is hideously mild for it's latitude (check out Valentia Island!), and on the whole is worse for wintry conditions than most of the UK. Apparently Rost in Norway (as pointed out by Cheese) is the mildest place on earth for it's latitude. I guess all our points are valid to a degree, it's just a case of arguing how "wintry" a place is based on different opinions and parameters. Anyway, joint latest sunset here (15:49) until the 17th, when we gain a minute in the evening. Latest sunrise not until Christmas day (08:25) and we stay on that until January 4th, when we slowly start to gain light in the morning again.
  17. Actually, no, I didn't mean Ireland, that's why I didn't mention it. The UK extends much further north than Ireland and therefore is probably the most "snowless" location in the world for such a high latitude. Anyway, we're going off topic here. Thanks for your concern, though.
  18. Loose paving slabs. They love to spray muddy water half way up your legs.
  19. Not sure about that. It seems a struggle to get winter means above freezing above around 63N, even on the coast. Trondheim, at 63N, averages slightly under 0C Dec-Feb. Further up north Narvik averages a few degrees below freezing and further north still Tromso and Hammerfest average 4/5C below zero. Rainy Bergen, at 60N, is surprisingly cool (1/2C) considering it's coastal position and relatively low latitude.I'd say the UK is possibly the most northerly country in the world that can go an entire winter without much/any wintry precipitation/temperatures, at least at low altitudes. Other relatively mild locations further north I.e coastal Iceland and Norway, Faroe Islands etc routinely see sleet/snow in the winter months, even if many places there average above 0C in the winter. On the flip side trees don't grow above 53N in parts of Labrador, Canada. The same latitude as Manchester. Shows the influence of a cold current vs a warm one.
  20. I went from winning the comp last year to finishing 49th this year. That's some drop... Last minute entries last year clearly was the way to go. The change in tactics to early entries clearly didn't pay off. Must do better.
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