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  1. Wow! Looked like many places had very static temperatures under the cloud yesterday.
  2. 1997-2008 looks a sorry sight. 2009 - present looks fairly typical of all years listed.
  3. From one extreme to another; Braemar had a range of just 0.6C yesterday. A low of 1.1C and a high of 1.7C!
  4. There seems to be a bit of ambiguity regarding the actual largest diurnal range. I've heard Altnaharra in December, Redhill in August and Perthshire in May as contenders. If anyone knows for sure i'd be glad to hear it.
  5. I'm unsure myself but your "half and half" idea in terms of length of day and night seems logical, it allows enough time for temperatures to rise and then fall without going too far either way. However, I think the main cause is humidity, or rather the lack of it. March is often a "dry" month so when calm, clear conditions materialise at this time of year there is reletively little humidity to "hold up" the temperatures overnight, so they drop sharply after sunset. Naturally, deserts and other arid areas see the greatest diurnal ranges. Places like the Gobi desert and the Dakotas in the US can see some huge ranges. Conversely, very humid places like Singapore have very narrow ranges.
  6. That's almost as large a variation as late March last year in Scotland!
  7. I would say it is noteworthy for it's narrow range! Some massive differences across the country today.
  8. Some very big ranges today; Benson -3.7C at 7am, 15.3C at 2pm = 19C Trawsgoed -2.8C at 5am, 16.8C at 2pm = 19.6C Capel Curig -4.9C at 7am, 13.1C at 3pm = 18C Just to name a few.
  9. Any chance of an update? Sea ice is still growing at this time of year.
  10. Thanks for your post, Vizzy. You've done quite well, I'd imagine that's one of the biggest ranges in the country today.
  11. We're at that time of year again when the difference in temperature between day and night can be notable. Please use this thread to log/discuss your own or other diurnal ranges. Eskdalemuir: -4.4C at 6am, up to 10.6C at 2pm Keswick: -4.2C at 6am, up to 12.7C at 2pm Shap: -7.0C at 7am, up to 9.2C at 2pm Carlisle: -3.5C at 4am, up to 10.7C at 2pm Strathallan: -4.2C at 7am, up to 11.9C at 1pm
  12. I'm sure I remember it being said on a programme about the seasons that March 8th is the average date of maximum sea ice and the coldest date in the NH, on average, is 19th January. I have no idea about maximum snow cover, though. It's clear that in the arctic sea ice effects temperatures. March is actually colder than December throughout much of the arctic, despite an almost complete lack of daylight throughout December. This is due to the sheer amount of ice in March which obviously removes the moderating effect of open water.
  13. That Daily star article beggars belief, Utter nonsense. Correct me if I'm wrong but even the most pessimistic projections of temperature rises don't point to anywhere near a 10C rise by 2050?
  14. It's remarkable to think that sea ice regularly reaches James Bay in Canada roughly on the same lattitude as most of England and even the north coast of Hokkaido in Japan at a lattitude almost as far south as the north coast of Spain, yet it comes nowhere near us. We are both blessed and cursed, depending on who you ask.
  15. Looks like there's been big gains in sea ice in Hudson bay over the last week or so.
  16. Quite a turn around when you consider how rare below average months seemed to be just 5+ years ago. In 2010 we had 8 below average months and 2012 looks set to match it. Regardless if December 2012 comes in below, which is looking extremely likely, 2010 and 2012 alone have more below average months than 2002 thru 2007. How long would this have to continue before this "blip" becomes "trend"? Or is it already just that?
  17. I don't really blame the wardens themselves, rather their management. It's very easy to be dismissed these days when you don't do your job to the book, especially when employers are looking to tighten the budget. It's just another case of frontline staff taking all the flack for poor management.
  18. Northern parts of the Gulf of Bothnia should start to freeze at this time of year.
  19. That's the most sensible I've seen the Express regarding a weather story, ordinarily they would try to convince us it would last until June. Take a bow, DE!
  20. Wow, 15C minima in December? That's slightly outrageous. I detest them sort of conditions in winter, persistent thick cloud that keeps all the mild air in. Does anyone happen to know what the record mildest/warmest minima are for each month?
  21. Would you then agree that, in fact, all forecasters are damned if they do and damned if they don't?
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