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    dream of seeing a tornado and viewing electrical storms and thunderstorms,all weather watching,blizzards,hurricanes
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    extreme weather
  1. Always that one!!!! Have a great trip anyways I want to see a lot more tornado action it's been a late bloomer ?
  2. Have a great flight out Tom I hope u turn it around on the nado front ?
  3. That's great news a target day for most days too. Stay safe and get those massive supercells on to facefook shortly ⛈??⚡
  4. hi paul its very confusing for me just been looking at the map how to get der from dublin flight wise not sure what part ive to head to if ive to fly into portsmouth were do i go from der that seems to be the closet airport to get to gosport town,but also see stokes bay and that the oppisite side altogether :>(
  5. hi paul can you email me regarding tour 4 pls im trying to email u but to no avail thanks mate

  6. hi ppl anyone heading on T4 2012 :>).........cannot bloody wait

  7. tour 4 31/05/2012 cant bloody wait

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