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  1. Well it's stopped at the moment but I think we are going to get some more coming up from the south.
  2. I think it's melting as well, our road and pavement was covered at about 2am - disappearing now. Still think the kids will be out in Priory Park to toboggan though!
  3. Just woke up to see we have a covering of snow in Reigate, must be at least 1cm but at least everything is covered now.
  4. Managing to settle on grass in Reigate.
  5. 2.9 c feels almost Spring like, lovely sunshine, I think all the snow will be melted here by the end of the day.
  6. It appeared to be from what was hitting my windscreen the morning - roads ok though (well they were!).
  7. I don't think we will get much more here in Reigate. Have gone from all snow tomorrow to sleet and a bit of snow but reduced amounts. Expect this to be downgraded. Want the spring now, fed up of being cold.
  8. My netweather forecast as gone from snow all day to stopping at around 9am - oh well.
  9. Very light snow in Reigate, wind still strong so blowing it around - not looking forward to the walk to work
  10. It's clouding over from the east in Reigate and temp is dropping, currently at - 2.7 from a heady height of -1.5.
  11. This thread and the snow have been busy overnight! We have had a little snow in Reigate, probably about 1cm or so, think we have about 2-3cm in total.
  12. Walked home from work and the pavements were already very slippy, they'll be really fun by morning. At least the kids were able to sledge a bit in Priory Park this afternoon. I think if we get anything in Reigate tonight it will be a bonus.