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  1. Maybe I've got a bit more elevation than you, our pavements and grass completely covered and still steady snow.
  2. Still light snow in Reigate. The app on my phone says it will snow until 6am, by that time I think we will have about 1cm - which was pretty much what the BBC forecast this morning. Time for bed!
  3. Pretty much stopped in Reigate but patiently waiting for the next band to come up from the coast.
  4. Pavements completely covered and grass nearly as well in Reigate.
  5. Well it's stopped at the moment but I think we are going to get some more coming up from the south.
  6. I think it's melting as well, our road and pavement was covered at about 2am - disappearing now. Still think the kids will be out in Priory Park to toboggan though!
  7. Just woke up to see we have a covering of snow in Reigate, must be at least 1cm but at least everything is covered now.
  8. 2.9 c feels almost Spring like, lovely sunshine, I think all the snow will be melted here by the end of the day.
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