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  1. Mite have a chance yet Wolverhampton storm back to life and moving this way and Telford having a few strikes I believe now ?
  2. You think Shrewsbury will get some more thunder and lighting soon ??
  3. So that will be the second time I've ever seen it on the road and into the bus station
  4. Last winter in December Shrewsbury did very well out of the Cheshire gap. We had big long showers one after another. One of the best I can remember
  5. So as alot of us already no, lapland hasnt had much snow at all yet. Alot of people going there on hoilday in the next few week/ months. I myself am going away in the next week or two. Does anyone no if there will be any worth while snowfall there in the next week or two? Thanks
  6. Shrewsbury has had some thunder and lighting but most has gone everywhere possible around Shrewsbury. Or stop before hitting, you coudnt make it up lol. At one point lighting strikes all around Shrewsbury but nothing over head
  7. Had the hail here in Shrewsbury and thunder and lighting. Really heavy rain atm
  8. Just as they issue that warning it is slacking here now. Looks like Birmingham gets the snow once again and us in shropshire miss out
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