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  1. Had the hail here in Shrewsbury and thunder and lighting. Really heavy rain atm
  2. Just as they issue that warning it is slacking here now. Looks like Birmingham gets the snow once again and us in shropshire miss out
  3. Do you think that heavier snow down South will actually start moving north or just fizzle out to moderate snow as it had done all day as it moves north
  4. Does seem to be weaking tho down south
  5. Do you think Shrewsbury will get much today
  6. Yea no snow for Friday or Thurs in Shrewsbury according to the met app. Don't think it can be trusted. Also a little streamer setting up to hit Shrewsbury area hopefully
  7. Matty23

    Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    Hey i no I'm not in wales. I'm in Shrewsbury what's the chances of getting snow there tomoz and Fri?
  8. Amber warning 10miles to my South gutted lol
  9. Just turned to rain now, that heavier bit of rain came and instantly turned to rain.
  10. Pretty much all snow here now
  11. What way were the winds when shropshire did good on that Friday a couple weeks back
  12. Still rain here. A none starter here