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  1. Some frost on the ground in the shade. I'm going away in two weeks on the 11th Dec to Thailand for Xmas, back on Boxing Day. I hoping when I get back theres thick snow on the ground! I know it is a bit early and not even December yet but I wish you all a good Christmas and don't let the Mild weather bite you!!
  2. Glad to see rain forecasted further south tomorrow. Last thing we need is yet more rain that we didn't want.
  3. Looking like a damp squid for my liking this Saturday. I'm guessing everything East of Blackburn and North of Lancaster is snow, depends on elevation. Everywhere else is rain or sleet if you lucky.
  4. Just watched the met forecast we are looking about 24hrs of non-stop rain from Tomoz til Saturday afternoon. Take care everyone!!
  5. Lets be honest. Friday's weather for lowlands is cold rain. High ground some wet snow.
  6. It is been nippy as of late. Glad I had my bed back to thicker quilt ready for Winter. Models suggests theres snow on the way for Friday evening? If this stays on by Thursday evening/night I'd be happy to see some early season surprise!
  7. I'm fine. I'm looking forward to the Winter. I hoping this Winter coming up will be the memorable one. Fingers crossed for a White Xmas. I havn't had a White Xmas since 10 years ago I think.
  8. What a miserable day, its gonna rain all day. Yesterday the river nearby is already swollen up. Today Imagine it will burst its banks and flood the road today. The school playground behind my house is a one big puddle right now!
  9. Hi Guys. Back from the Summer's hibernation. I hope this autumn will be a wild and turbolent one then a cold, snowy Winter. Thoughts on Summer: It is a bit crap this year.
  10. This is my video taken an hour ago: Two lightning strikes on this video. One on around 26 seconds another in 49/50th second of this video.
  11. Two lightning strikes in this video. One on 26th second another on the 50th second.
  12. What a night!! Frequent lightning about 2 in the morning. Love a good thunderstorm now and again.
  13. Had a few flashes and booms here and torrential rain lasted 5 minutes. At least its something.
  14. Lot of lightning over Manchester atm. https://www.lightningmaps.org/?lang=en#m=sts;t=3;s=0;o=0;b=0.00;ts=0;y=53.4553;x=-2.3174;z=10;d=2;dl=2;dc=0; Cell over Manchester seems to exploding into life!
  15. There is a line of T-storms heading up from the south. It is heading towards us too! https://www.netweather.tv/live-weather/radar
  16. This is my Winter outcome: 3/10. Rubbish. Looking forward to the warm and sunny days in the Spring/Summer. Hopefully next Winter won't be as bad as last one but its probably be the case but you never know!
  17. UK Weather Information @UKWXINFO The GFS has trended Tuesdays low slightly further South putting Northern England and Western Coastal fringes and Northern Ireland in the highest gusts zone. I'd fully expect this one to be named Storm Gareth..
  18. The moors is burning again now and its not even March! Saddleworth Moor fire: 'Apocalyptic' blaze breaks out in Yorkshire after Britain's hottest ever winter day https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2019/02/27/saddleworth-moor-fire-apocalyptic-blaze-breaks-yorkshire-britains/
  19. I see a tinge of brown on the grass. It has been a dry month pretty much.
  20. Caleb Steele @caleb_steele ·3h Quite a sight. #VegasWeather #VegasSnow #Snow #NVwx I can't believe it is been snowed in Las Vegas!! In the Desert!!
  21. Models are showing unseasonbly warm weather for next weekend. Crap and these set-ups are wasted on the wrong season.
  22. Just checked the Met Office app and it says 90mph from 4am to 7am here! Is it going to be a Amber warning in our region do you reckon?
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