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  1. Few people have being saying that it was snowing earlier around here all be it not sticking I didn't see anything
  2. A cold north west wind is a good wind for me plent of snow if it's cold enough from the Irish sea
  3. I just want winter to be over now. Even as a cold lover the search for cold seems none existent and I don't think we can shift these obstacles that are destroying our winter. Think it's better when winter is over and we can have a pattern reset ready for next winter
  4. Could be waking up to a blanket of snow on christmas if the gfs 18z is to be believed
  5. Wish the wind would swing to a more nw direction just for Christmas . Could give some people a white christmas
  6. Was never a write of in the first place pathetic the people who think it was . Just last week the models were showing Bartletts now they show the opposite . Wait until thursday and we should know if we are going to see some festive weather
  7. If we are not going to get blocking then I would prefer cold zonalality infact some of the best snowfall in December have being throught these cold shots . December 16th 2011 was great here heavy snow all day about 2-3 inches fell . Then there's the famous white Christmas of 2004 when all of a sudden we had a Polar nw wind through the cheshire gap that brought the only white Christmas since I was born. In my opinion these are better charts than the dross that was showing last week atleast with this pattern there can be a few surprises thrown in.
  8. Reminds me of 16th december 2011 that does we got a nice bit of snow from that
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