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  1. Are you getting a bit at the moment @winterof79 I’m just up meltham on a job and looks a bit snowy that way
  2. Really hope so, hate seeing blue skies instead of snow 😂
  3. They just keep dying away as they get near, frustrated 😂
  4. Nothing here, had a feeling it was going to be a bust! What a 💩 easterly! Enjoy the snow if you get it!
  5. Yeah, just looked out and some big fat wet flakes coming down now
  6. Get all of these backing up against the Pennines like a few years ago and we will be laughing. great for longevity with the stronger heights to our north
  7. A nice 14 cm here, light drizzle now. Just been out for a drive to take the missus to work, all side roads are still thick with it but she’s a nurse so gotta get her in 😂 countdown to the next snow now hopefully but looking at it I think we are in a good position even if owt like gfs happens, it’s the southern contingent that are panicking 👀
  8. Exciting few days/ weeks coming up, these snow events are what this weather watching is all about! Looking forward to seeing the kids faces tomorrow 👍 @Scott Ingham keep your chin up mate, all sending love for your family ❤️
  9. What’s your take on how long it will last? Says snow all day on certain sites??? Thanks
  10. Not even been in the mod thread this morning, how’s the pattern looking now?
  11. 😂 just getting the kids ready for school and telling them it’s going to be a good day 👍 more excited than them
  12. Thanks for your great input kasim and Scott👍 Just turned to snow in lindley, north west Huddersfield
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