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  1. Still nawt here in Huddersfield!! Just want to see big flakes falling for 10minutes. Only seen a tiny bit of dandruff this winter not asking for much ?
  2. I think it’s called snizzle, remember Matt Hugo saying it a few years back.
  3. Definitely a correction north on the 12z so far. Like the look of that pivot on Saturday.
  4. Another dog ? event goes raining on by!! One of the worst winters in recent years so far!
  5. Just started raining in Meltham Huddersfield, suppose it is expected to turn as the day goes on. Happy that it’s getting over the Pennines tho, that was my worry today?
  6. Great point, it should pick up more moisture over the sea so could be quite interesting ?
  7. Definitely, I think it’s half hope casting, half what the actual charts are showing in the mod thread. They are seeing it as a southern event but it looks like midlands will do best with either side of them up for grabs. Personally I reckon the front will reach south North Yorkshire before going off east. But as usual I will wait and see what met say and warning areas. Look out for more northern correction and less southern incorrection ??
  8. What a load of @#*t hate west and north west streamer setups. Pennines just eat it all. Had small sleety flakes for about 10mins. Hopefully looking at it some sort of e/ne flow to get us some proper snow.
  9. I agree great looking ensemble. What is showing now looks brilliant compared to a few days ago. It’s an evolving situation and this is why most of us chose this hobby, chasing down charts and patterns that will bring us ALL THE SNOW! Looking forward to the 6z already. Enjoy it??
  10. Look at the arctic high, getting stronger with each day that goes by. Up to 1040 now!!!
  11. Just what @Bring Back1962-63 Has been eluding to in his past few posts??
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