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  1. Feel bad for all them still stuck on the m62! Apparently the wind chill is around -15!! Some have been on there hours and it doesn't sound like they are going anywhere soon. Real emergency developing
  2. Good thing today is even when the snow has stopped the sun hasn't been able to melt anything!
  3. I had a spy at the radar at 4am and it was just bright green streamers with no gaps, looked brilliant! Of course I had to go and look out the window then and it was heavy blowing snow. Some drifts are going to be unreal today Kids school has just txt to say it's shut
  4. Same here, so frustrating to watch lol
  5. Heavy snow in hudds now, great to watch, the wind is making it even better!!
  6. Yeah, I can see this getting worse just in time for rush hour now again . Like has been said wind and showers starting to come more easterly
  7. Yeah them further north look like they are keeping their intensity well inland, good dump fore some.
  8. Bit of a lull for half hour in hudds but them showers are converging to the south east of Yorkshire and look like bringing a good period of snow again
  9. Not much of a beast from the east, more like a pusski from russky
  10. The blob is just hitting Huddersfield now, everything has turned white
  11. Looks like it's just about to impregnate Britain with the white stuff!!
  12. Latest fax chart still looks good tho