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  1. That’s been well watered down and backs up what the models are now showing. Interesting it’s taken a few days before the Met lessened down the chance of an easterly set up reestablishing itself. I think that’s pretty much it for our part of the world for this winter. Any further snowfall likely to be transient or confined to higher ground.
  2. Yeah I have a feeling we’ll not forget this snow event as the one that never was despite what the radar was showing. I’ve seen radar images showing rain in the summer that hasn’t reached the ground because it’s so warm, but nothing like this in winter.
  3. So sad to see all that precipitation having the life sucked out of it especially when you know tomorrow that won’t happen and the rain will reach the ground.
  4. Great update, thx @AWD You could sure as bet that lot sitting to the west of us had it been rain forecast would have had nooooo problems crossing our entire region before fizzling out like what it will do tomorrow. Enjoy the last day of dry and cold or snow and cold folks.
  5. Last minute upgrade! Met have expanded the yellow warning that just covered Wales down into parts of the South West so some of our region may see something more than a few flakes falling from the sky: UK weather warnings WWW.METOFFICE.GOV.UK Met Office UK weather warnings for rain, snow, wind, fog and ice. Choose your location to keep up to date with local weather warnings. Let us know what you get, then send it to over to the rest of the region.
  6. Looking at the latest forecast model runs it’s hard to see where the next cold snap is coming from, quite the opposite in fact. However, we know that could change a few model runs later, just hard to see that happening. I agree, it would nice to have it warm up, so long as it stays dry!
  7. Yeah I think you can sum this cold snap up by saying we’ve been too far West then too far East. Maybe later this month has something in store for us.
  8. Oh ICON, ICON! How could you!? To be fair we were all it expecting it at some point to fall into line with the other models. Yes AWD get the white flag out and ready for tomorrow morning. On the plus side remaining fairly dry. Even though we’ve not had snow, I’ve loved having dry weather again with some very pleasant spells of sunshine as well. Winter’s not over yet with the expectation of the colder weather returning. I’m not convinced myself but the pros still seem confident and they know more than I do.
  9. I remember your posts about it at the time. Freezing rain, horrible stuff. Only ever experienced it once in my life and that was in the early 90s on a Saturday morning. Just walking to the local shop to buy a newspaper was a major ordeal clinging onto people’s fences just to stay upright. Everything covered in ice.
  10. You can certainly see why there would be no need for a yellow warning for Saturday further south than Gloucestershire based on the 15z UKV. Snow yes, but not a lot.
  11. I agree with you AWD. To be honest, not long after posting that I thought ‘what I did I post that for’ when of course it will be changed/refined as we get closer to the time, especially a warning issued four days out. Await the next ICON run with interest!
  12. Met clearly not going for the ICON solution for Saturday. Warning issued Gloucestershire northwards and Wales. Be surprised if that changed. Think that’s our chance of a snow event before it gets mild gone.
  13. It’s good to see that they do. After its consistency run after run is hard to ignore. Don’t they say you can’t go on just one model run, look for the trend and done just that. Don’t let us down now ICON!
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