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  1. Some amazing lightning last night to share! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3yoQfr_nujQ&t=118s
  2. This could be an interesting view from the Meto Blog if you haven’t seen it - https://blog.metoffice.gov.uk/2019/01/03/is-there-another-beast-from-the-east-on-the-way/
  3. So Sandhurst in Berkshire outside the amber zone - East is showing more snow than Basingstoke West for the majority of the day tomorrow - looking at the models there is quite a big band of snow hitting tomorrow 1 that hits early and goes West North West and then another that seems to go NE.
  4. Hi returning member here still a newbie though! Are referring to today or Thursday with this post?
  5. We spend most of the time reading why we should ignore the GFS so don't worry to much!
  6. Chucking it down here now and all looks like it's going north bringing us into the party!
  7. Please someone else say they saw that fork lightning on the webcam in Rotterdam
  8. Another flash here in Yateley - fingers crossed there is more. Thunder getting a bit closer!
  9. I give up chasing for snow! It clearly isn't going happen. I think that it would be more time and cost productive to take a flight to New York and get buried. The south sucks for snow hoper like me! I just hope one winter we may have a decent fall but i just have a gut feeling this isn't our year! :-( On the plus side we get better summers down here so it balances out i'm sure !
  10. For a newbie can someone explain what the models need to be showing for the South to get a descent snowfall and where the cold needs to come from for the best set up.
  11. Did anyone actually get any noteworthy snow yesterday? I was watching the radars last night and cannot work out why there was a warning for snow still in effect up until this morning. Last night at 10pm it was clear that there was going to be a sprinkling at best in our area and most which would not be a danger to property or life. What is concerning is how the met office use their warning system. They increased the area last night for snow risk much further east which is still in effect. I have a friend who has was really excited about snow last night and stayed in as a result of the "incoming snow potential" they now tell me that they will ignore all warnings as they never happen. I am not blaming the meto for the fact it didn't snow as I'm not that bothered but is there a risk that the warning system is posibly at risk of being ignored? I agree that a warning should be in place for ice but the snow warning should have been removed at 10pm. Sorry for my rant I have the upmost respect for the met office but are there any thoughts ....
  12. Very active little front with Hail, driving winds, lightning and thunder which just turned Wokingham White but sadly the wrong type of White!!
  13. I believe its going to be 8 C up until about 3pm so nothing coming down white for a while yet in the South West also temps for tomorrow look between 7-10 C in the south so any snow will be short lived :-( however i feel next week is looking a little more exciting!
  14. Nothing significantly snowy until next weekend! Patience may be the key on this one.
  15. I think it's fair to say Gibby has been spot on so far this winter. Very enjoyable and realistic forecasts. Thank you Gibby please keep being a realist.
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