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  1. Wow so much panic in here on a weather platform, the press are over cooking the severity of this, it not even as bad a the flu, 82% of cases are experiencing a mild cold, 14% more severe and experts suggest the number of cases reported are likely a 1000 x more. The normal groups of people who have other health issues are most at risk. In comparison over 1 billion people are effected by fly and up to 650,000 a year will die. Why are none of you worried about catching flu as the number of comparison effected are 82k is such a low percentage. Don't get sucked in to the panic. I was in AND Italy this week and there is plenty of food on the shelves and no panic!
  2. Hi - Can someone explain that is happening in these pictures with the rainbow colour in the sky? They were taken in Norway.
  3. Some amazing lightning last night to share! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3yoQfr_nujQ&t=118s
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