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  1. All the family use them here (Peak District). They are the difference between getting up hills and not. We have them on a second set of rims, either aftermarket alloys or normal steelies with no wheel trims. More and more people are moving over to them. Ironically as more cars keep moving they get stuck behind those without winters who can't move. It happens a lot. In the olden days (70s) they didn't seem to be necessary and I think that's because tyres were much narrower. A bag of sand or two in the boot (rear drive) helped.
  2. Try Ruka in Finland. It's amazing and totally oriented towards less experienced and new skiers. Don't worry about the cold it's easy to deal with it. Self cater and it's not expensive either. We went two winters ago with Crystal so my wife could have a go after 20+ years. We also had a side trip mushing and you can't do that in many places!
  3. My father-in-law owned one on a site where there was a rule that it had to be renewed periodically - I think every ten years. This was indeed what happened - making it a very expensive second home indeed. The worst of it was that there was some sort of back-hander going on too, between suppliers of the vans and the owner.
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