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  1. GROUP A Brooks Koepka (USA) Justin Rose (EUR) Francesco Molinari (EUR) GROUP B Patrick Cantlay (USA) Louis Oostuizen (ROW) Matt Wallace (EUR) GROUP C Matt Kuchar (USA)...kuuuuuccccchhhhhh! Matthew Fitzpatrick (EUR) Paul Casey (EUR) GROUP D Ian Poulter (EUR) Tong-Li (ROW) Webb Simpson (USA) My NAP Justin Rose outside bet if anybody is interested (each way) Bernd Wiesberger.
  2. 2018 spring/summer was rubbish for convective storms as it was dominated so much by high pressure...so you can take that off the list as well!
  3. Only half way through it mate...July hasn't been poor (and even the back end of June), dry with temps a tad above average though not all wall to wall sunshine.
  4. You've got to be joking?...it was horrible and muggy and felt even warmer than the 25-27c we had over 3 days.
  5. Another strange NW headline... 'But an unsettled change ahead' ? can't see that down south personally. Sunny spells today with temps a refreshing 19.5c.
  6. I'll be entering Tom, just want a quick research on the Portrush course (as it hasn't been part of an Open for 68 years)...and as you can see I'm not taking this at all seriously...
  7. That's what they said for this week...by and large not the case for many in the south/east, and warmer than forecast.
  8. Well you want to swim down here mate, the continuation of muggy warm air continues, today 25c in a supposedly fresher northerly breeze!! - pull the other one, the last 3 days maxes are all above what was forecast on Monday but they did say some showers or thunderstorms for Wed through to today so that was wrong as well...won't surprise anybody this was from the BBC website, about as accurate as Stevie Wonder at the world darts.
  9. 27c yesterday here on the Essex Riviera something that was NOT forecast earlier in the week, as for NW headline of 'the weather settling down' - huh!?! okay might apply to parts of Scotland and the north east but here so far this month waiting for the weather to turn unsettled, hardly any rain just a trace.
  10. Incredibly from this synoptic situation (which doesn't look that great on the face of it) we've managed 27c today!...astonishing, nobody was predicting this at the beginning of the week, but sadly horribly muggy.
  11. Another warm and muggy day out there...25.6c max yesterday, currently 24.7c and fairly sunny.
  12. Real muggy morning here on the Essex Riviera with the sun poking through at times...22.8c currently - outlook looks more of the same and staying mainly dry with somewhat of a weak Atlantic influence.
  13. More or less what I typed further up on this page...considering the efforts of numerous winters before that, nice frosty winter what I recall.
  14. Nope not that much...mostly east midlands and some parts of East Anglia had the majority if memory serves me right, I remember TEITS posting that he was on in the sweet spot (Peterborough).
  15. Making me chuckle...talking about the upcoming winter in July! 2008/09 wasn't a bad winter what I recall, plenty of dry conditions, fairly cool and frequent frosts with a bit of snow about early February. Back to the here and now...feels quite clammy out there already with no wind though the temperature is only 19c - weird.
  16. Warmest day of the summer so far here (wasn't really expecting it) on the Essex Riviera...27.3c max, lots of sunshine and a gentle breeze.
  17. Certainly warmer today here on the Essex Riviera, 24.9c currently and the sun has reappeared with a light breeze but feeling more humid.
  18. Max of 20.9c on the Essex Riviera and not much breeze so it feels warmer than that...outlook currently looks quite good so the 'back to back' poor summer months could again as mentioned a few days back be put on hold (last time 2012 I believe), but it's early days.
  19. Not for some on here...okay maybe in different regions there might have been more continuous rainfall, cloud and cold temperatures so opinions will vary, personally i'd say 2012 was worse particularly the second half. June 2019 started warm/very warm for the first 2 days and the last 5 or so days was fairly sunny with temps increasing and only 1 working week I'd say was 'extreme' in terms of cold temperatures and rainfall but hey! even December 2010 had it's milder days with some sun... So overall I'd agree with you.
  20. Coupled with the partly sunny/fine days Londoners would bite your hands off for that particularly after June...bit better than average I'd say for that 14 days factoring in the settled conditions.
  21. Give over 23.6c max average for the first 14 days of July, so what would it be for early August the hottest part of the year?
  22. Interesting John, what was your take on the month as a whole across England? comparable to 2007/2012. It really seems however poor a spring/summer month of recent times we just don't seem to get a 'cold' month.
  23. Yes the last decent hot August was 2003 but since had a few warm one's but rather unsettled so maybe this is the one...June wasn't a total washout, it started sunny and warm/very warm and ended that way it was just what was in between
  24. Your looking for further poor weather so you can further blow your frustrations - let's be honest, 2 poor weeks in June which it largely amounted to and the majority of the rest was pretty average but that alone doesn't make a poor summer (Including May), I'll leave it at that, have a good evening.
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