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  1. Currently marching about with just my robe on with John Thomas free range! To the beat of Jona Lewie.

  2. Hmmmm....models looking pretty dire at the moment, just a succession of depressions wheeling there way across the British Isles with milder and less mild and plenty of rain theme. Too soon to write off winter but all too often when we see the jet stream powered up it can take weeks for some sort of let up. So in general nothing to shout about up till the early New Year. As for the Teleconnection signals for this winter...dreadful.
  3. Got a feeling that January will be milder than this month, west based NAO spells disaster in terms of cold for this little Island.
  4. Yeah agreed on your thoughts - basically we weren't getting anywhere with the synoptics we are about to experience (end of this week and next week) and even if there was a form of undercutting that Siberian High the Atlantic looks just too strong for any strong ridge to retrogress and would only be transitory at best, so unfortunately a reset is probably for the best (like the way I'm talking as if the weather is a computer). What's more annoying about the favourable SST's and Teleconnections, SSW etc for this month all going down the swanny basically through such a small feature as a short wave which really wasn't modelled at all until 5/6 days before hand - Steve Murr for one was dismayed about it and it's not the first time or the last time we will see such a small feature ruin a cold outlook. Fingers crossed for the New Year!
  5. Personally I think this more Atlantic spell we'll soon all be experiencing will see out December, it looks like the jet stream will be westerly and eventually south westerly, only positive spin I can put on it is that the Russian High will (in a weeks time) shoot it's bolt and we'll see a more mobile flow from the Atlantic and hopefully in turn see some heights to the NW or maybe even eventually a slacking off cyclogenesis and maybe more strong ridging either to Greenland or to the north of the UK. Just hope now the floodgates are about to open it doesn't take weeks and weeks out of the winter which can so easily happen.
  6. Well who couldn't be taken in, everything was in our favour - teleconnections, SSW event SST's favourable and fairly consistent modelling in the medium term for blocking to the north etc and it has been (or looks to be) a complete turnaround with somewhat of a +ao now. Very difficult not to be suckered in by it all - there's going to be a large amount of sceptics on easterlies now unless it's within 3/4 days range. Not once but twice within a couple of weeks is hard to take, at least we might see something in the way of a brief north easterly and the possibility of some convectivity around Monday/Tuesday.
  7. My God that newspaper (Express) is annoying! as mentioned above a non-event to spite the papers is the only positive I can see out of this!
  8. TWO Winter forecast: Cold early and late Overview Cold weather mostly early and late in the winter, with milder spells sandwiched in between. Temperature The winter is expected to be slightly colder than average (possibly close to average) over the 3 month period. Precipitation Slightly drier than average in the south east, but close to average in the north west over the 3 month period. December Temperature: Slightly below average (below average more likely than above average) Precipitation: Below average First half The first half of the month is expected to bring colder than average conditions with an ongoing risk of overnight frosts. Precipitation amounts are likely to be lower than average, but bringing a mix of rain, sleet and snow. As usual snow will be more likely over higher ground and in the north, but much of the country could see some snow for a time. Second half The second half of the month may begin wintry, but less cold weather is forecast to push back across the UK, and for this to last for much of the time with temperatures trending back above average. With milder weather there is likely to be an increased tendency for wet and windy weather, particularly in the north west and later on in the period. The south east should be drier at times. Overall the frost risk is expected to reduce and become fairly low, although perhaps higher in the south eastern corner at times. January Temperature: Slightly above average (above average more likely than average) Precipitation: Close to or slightly above average First half The first half of the month is expected to changeable weather with showers or longer spells of rain. Transient colder conditions are likely, especially in the north where hill snow is likely, but on the whole temperatures are expected to be above average during this period, with a relatively low frost risk for the first half of January. Very windy at times. Second half The second half of the month may see a continuation of the unsettled weather with temperatures close to average in the north and remaining slightly above average in the south. A mix of wet and windy weather, and brighter interludes is expected. Some brief colder incursions from the north west are likely to bring hill snow, and possibly snow to lower levels temporarily in the north. February Temperature: Slightly below average (below average more likely than average) Precipitation: Slightly belowaverage First half The first half of the month is expected to bring a good deal of relatively mild and unsettled weather across the north of the country. The wettest weather is forecast to be in the north west, with the south be drier at times. Later in the period an increased frost risk is expected in the south and east. Second half A transition to much colder weather is expected in the middle and second half of the month, with possibly the coldest spell of the winter developing. With the colder conditions frosts are likely to become widespread, and some snow is likely. Cold conditions are expected for most of the period
  9. Skyfall's no Spy that loved me!! Roger Roger Rogerrrrr!!!!!!

    1. Coast


      Thank goodness for that!

  10. Hahahahahaha!! comedy gold, goes to prove what a pathetic rag it is! - infact funnier than Viz, and as mentioned always Jonothan Powell at the heart of it.
  11. I'd leave Brian Gaze out of that accumulator but the other 3 would certainly see odds as short as 1/25 on.
  12. Right get the thermals out for November, highs in the mid-80's next week, hmmm haven't seen anybody forecasting that!
  13. Off rambling in deepest darkest Hunstanton tomorrow, away from Joe public.

  14. Ok whose going round with a lion costume on - total waste of Police time and provisions! - the British public!

    1. I remember Atlantic 252

      I remember Atlantic 252

      reminds me of the capello brick road song with johnny lion

  15. Washout? I don't think so - even Anglia TV stated that the weekend would become more unsettled but 'far from a washout'.
  16. See Daily Bilgepress has stated today that the Bank holiday weekend will be a 'washout' - wasn't it just a few weekends ago when they were saying the same thing for a weekend? and... basically it was just showery with some heavier rain to the north west. The paper makes me chuckle even when I see a front page headline weather related or not.
  17. Well done Wiggo! you've done the country proud...be interesting to see if Froome stays in the same team as Wiggins next year. (I too have seen footage of the Tommy Simpson collapse, truly heartbreaking, he was BBC sports personality of the year I think)
  18. I mean Jed but either way what a fruit cake

  19. just seen that Ged bloke in Morrison's, getting a bit scared!

  20. No Lynne not a Freelander!

  21. I told you this Range Rover sport had diff lock!

  22. That defo won't happen even if the GFS isn't believed, the last really hot spell we had in early June I believe was back in 1996, correct me if I'm wrong but we got up to around 33c then! but only for a day or so.
  23. Wish I was out in the States twister hunting!

    1. Mesoscale


      I wish i was out in the states period.

    2. Froze were the Days

      Froze were the Days

      My god walked past a duty free sized toblerone in Gatwick today, let's not go there!

  24. Nice to see other people are paying tribute to him!
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