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  1. Bet I (and others) only experience rain, humidity, a lot of cloud hanging around in the morning and just the briefest rumble of thunder...happens so many times in these situations. I much prefer a Spanish plume and a distinct line of showers moving northwards - June 10th 1994 was spectacular!

  2. 3 hours ago, Joe Watts said:

    BBC are reporting 5-6C below average in parts of the UK so far this June, seems to include most of the CET zone! Strange the CET is running less than a degree below average. 🤷‍♂️


    Good ol' tropical south east fringes still holding onto average temps,,,maybe some of my posts referring to moaning might have been a bit premature as it does seem like many central areas are having a cold one - you all want to move here where there building houses and concreting everything over in a blink of an eye...

    Saying that the above map doesn't really seem to correlate with the hadley CET of just 0.7 below...seems a bit extreme.

  3. 2 hours ago, Azazel said:

    I would agree with you, but "slightly below average" is disingenuous. Average high for June is 19 degrees - its struggled to reach 11-12 for days which is nearly 10 degrees below average(not slightly at all) and with that has been the absolutely relentless rain which you have neglected to mention.

    Also, when we had the February "heatwave" - coldies were rightfully complaining - did you have a pop at them?


    Nobody is overreacting, the weather has been absolute s**t.

    Average temps for the first week or so of June in southern and south eastern parts is about 19c so yes we have seen pretty low anomalies recorded...what sort of thermometer do you have?, you say it hasn't got above '11/12' for 'days' but here in the rain and breeze off the North Sea coast here in Essex on Monday we got above that (near 13c).

    Some areas have been unfortunate and stuck under consistent cloud/rain and a nagging north easterly but this happens occasionally in summer when low pressure just doesn't move, I remember here in the south east in the last week of May I think in 2015 we had almost a week's worth of dull miserable drizzly cool/cold weather with a light easterly wind as a low remained stationery and gradually filled...it was like a week's worth of late Autumn!

  4. Well only seemed a week ago BBC weather presenters were saying that parts of the south and south east/east were in need of rain for the gardens (I remember Tomasz mentioning it)...so certainly in these parts have been far from bad, I think recent wet/cold conditions of the last few days coupled with the continuation of 'average' temperatures since April has made some people flip...😀

  5. Hahahahahaha!...the date today is the 12th, yes the last few days have admittedly been poor and fairly cold though yesterday in my location largely sunny and 21c was nearly reached and before the 10th/11th have had some on/off days of sun and rain/showers so not disastrous...if you want to look at worst summer months of 'modern times' look at the end of June and through July 2007 or June to mid July 2012, far to early to presume this is the worst summer months ever!

  6. 1 hour ago, Sunny76 said:

    I feel like this summer so far reminds me of wet cool dull Sundays in the 80s, watching Bullseye(innnnnn 1!), Songs of Praise, Highway, and Last of the Summer Wine on tv. 


    What all 10 days of it so far...blimey us 'coldies' have to wait a dam sight longer in the winter and in some cases kept waiting right through the season, I think the last few days have been a reminder of what our summers can be like though we have been spoilt since 2013.

  7. 30 minutes ago, danm said:

    Disgusting weather today. It’s not just wet, it’s cold. Awful for June, although I’m sure there are a few people who like it. 

    It's just one day and it is under cloud and rain, soon as the cloud lifts temperatures will respond...certainly not use to these sort of days in regards to recent summers.

  8. Strikes me the main reason why we've seen a comparatively cooler spring than last year or one's of recent years in layman's terms is the influence of heights far to the north which has affected the British Isles as opposed to the opposite and heights to the south and more continental type conditions which has been a regular occurrence. 

    Interesting above post...if my location is anything to go I expect 'built on' to go through the roof in the next decade...'affordable' houses going up left right and centre, it's really sad to see farmland going this way and hypocritical of the government in relation to global warming.

  9. Summer 2011 wasn't 'hideous'...I remember that summer well as I was laid off from work and had a few months spare, the beginning of each month strangely from June to October started either very warm or hot (including October)...daily weather was mixed and consisted mainly of sunny spells and showery activity with temperatures near normal, hardly hideous. Probably going off thread here...

  10. 14 minutes ago, Sunny76 said:

    I will agree with those who said it’s been poor. Temps have mediocre, and the sunny weather has been rather on and off.

    Thats not to say we haven’t had nice weather in London, but it’s been disappointing.

    How can it have been 'poor' when temps are around average (or fractionally above) and fairly dry?...as mentioned by scorcher I think we were spoilt last spring and probably also by recent May's which have been notably sunny. 

  11. Chilly ol' breeze out there today but again sunny...nothing exceptional though, I remember 40 years ago to this period in time when Maggie Thatcher was elected as the 1st female Prime Minister and I had a primary school trip to the Peak District and yes it was snowing although lightly with huge big 50p size flakes.

  12. 35 minutes ago, Ben Lewis said:

    The ‘we need rain’ posts. 

    We live on the path of the Gulf Stream. It will balance out. Always does. 

    I’m making the most of it instead of worrying that one of the wettest countries in Europe gets to have another dry useable weekend. 

    Well it needs to...as last year was pretty dry too, the thing is it will probably try to 'balance out' come this winter when a few on here would prefer drier and frosty cold conditions.

  13. 8 hours ago, Ed Stone said:

    Aye BW, the lack of rainfall is becoming a major concern of mine: after Wednesday's and yesterday's no-shows, I am hoping that today's more SW'erly flow will at least bring some relief...Things might well look all nice and green right now, but give it a two-week sunny/hot spell, and the brown will start to show...?

    Thinking exactly the same...it will only take a very warm sunny spell in May to turn things brown very quickly, it is exceptionally dry out there and had only 3.5mm of rain this month! As mentioned what's happened to the rain expected yesterday and today from showers?...absolute no shows, a few spots and that's been it.

  14. More rubbish from the 6.30pm ITV News with Mary Nightingale...seems like it's becoming a theme with them to close it with an article about the weather with a statement which is generally incorrect. Talking about the impending warm Easter she said 'after the long cold winter' - whaaatttt!?! and then waffled on about how brits will generally be staying in this country rather than travelling abroad to get a tan but after this then produced a satellite image of the UK bathed in sun but not now but back in February when it just happened to be very mild...talk about contradicting themselves!!!...and I thought the Beeb was bad. :nonono:

  15. Weather practically always seems to come in from the east (of varying degrees) in April of recent years...yes we've had a consistently chilly one from the north east the last week or so (but bear in mind the CET anomaly so far is slap bag on average, so cold? no) but looks like it's now switching to a fairly warm south easterly which by and large happened last year for a longer period with an anomaly of +2.3c and a ridiculous high of 29.1c at St James Park, London.

    Welcome global warming...

  16. 2 hours ago, suxer said:

    Sorry froze were the days ,I can't think of a more odious golfer than tiger woods in all aspects on and off the course .

    What a pathetic post...why on the course? okay maybe understand why you dislike him as a person in what happened in his personal life a number of years back (temporarily) which led to the break up of his marriage, do you or anyone know him to cast such aspersions?

  17. Fantastic for the world of golf...never thought he'd win a major again after the state he was in with his injuries/personal life etc a few years back. 15 majors now, a true great in the game!...feel for Francesco though, between the second round and up to the final 9 holes of today felt he was the most solid golfer out there, but golf is a cruel game.

  18. Hi Tom, I'm an avid golfer (play off 9)...I personally would love to see Woods win it but personally can't see it happening but it would be great for Golf and one of the big all time come backs in sport, but for me I can see a tussle between Molinari (whose game has been close on robotic particularly his shortish putting) and Koepka unless some slightly off the pace player comes storming in with a low round.

    Weather conditions look different today for the final round so scoring will be somewhat higher than yesterday with breezier conditions and possible rain and T-Storms coming in from the west...and who knows a tornado 🙂 (had plenty in Alabama over the last few hours).

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