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  1. 36 minutes ago, northwestsnow said:

    Another day, another set of dreadful model runs...

    EC 12z is vile, just one low after another..

    And breathe... 🙂

    At least on the latest ecm run the jet seems on a more southerly path but we've seen trough disruption this month largely south eastwards over the country or near by but it seems a tall order to actually get into a 'real' cold air mass i.e. cold heights well to the north.

  2. 'November Ice to bear a duck nothing after but sludge and muck' - I think the saying goes, have to admit haven't seen much of any Ice down here in the last couple of weeks and a few years since I've seen a ponds iced over in November but I know what you mean. 

    With the last 2 months looking like they could be below the CET series (which is relatively rare of recent years) it does make you wonder if it might be all a bit too soon before this winter and 'normality' returns but on the other hand with the low solar input and -NAO continuing maybe a run into some uncharted territory since the winters of 2009-2013. Only time will tell.

  3. 2 hours ago, Ben Lewis said:

    Just back from a long dog walk. 

    Can’t  believe how wet and bogged the ground is here. Well I can actually with the relentless rain just didn’t realise the severity of it. 
    Need a very long dry spell to balance things out now, but with 4 more winter months of this, it’s only going to get worse. 

    You've got a crystal ball?...not necessarily, November and December are generally wetter than January and particularly February but yes once the sun gets to a certain level in the sky it does take some drying out...

  4. I haven't even ventured into the Mod thread so far this season after 'mild gate' (late last January) when I dared to mention a few times that the ecm model at days 9/10 were trending to bring in mild conditions on a few runs and as 99% in there were looking for increasing cold on the back of the BBC/MetO and was it the European or Glosea monthly updates?...I was vilified by a few regular posters and one's I never heard of (whom I won't mention) even to type mild at the time and at that timescale.

    Needless to say in true Alan Partridge style I wasn't wrong and 'had the last laugh' and yes be careful what you say in that thread if you dare to post just make sure it's what the majority want to hear.

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