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  1. More rubbish from the 6.30pm ITV News with Mary Nightingale...seems like it's becoming a theme with them to close it with an article about the weather with a statement which is generally incorrect. Talking about the impending warm Easter she said 'after the long cold winter' - whaaatttt!?! and then waffled on about how brits will generally be staying in this country rather than travelling abroad to get a tan but after this then produced a satellite image of the UK bathed in sun but not now but back in February when it just happened to be very mild...talk about contradicting themselves!!!...and I thought the Beeb was bad. :nonono:

  2. Weather practically always seems to come in from the east (of varying degrees) in April of recent years...yes we've had a consistently chilly one from the north east the last week or so (but bear in mind the CET anomaly so far is slap bag on average, so cold? no) but looks like it's now switching to a fairly warm south easterly which by and large happened last year for a longer period with an anomaly of +2.3c and a ridiculous high of 29.1c at St James Park, London.

    Welcome global warming...

  3. 2 hours ago, suxer said:

    Sorry froze were the days ,I can't think of a more odious golfer than tiger woods in all aspects on and off the course .

    What a pathetic post...why on the course? okay maybe understand why you dislike him as a person in what happened in his personal life a number of years back (temporarily) which led to the break up of his marriage, do you or anyone know him to cast such aspersions?

  4. Fantastic for the world of golf...never thought he'd win a major again after the state he was in with his injuries/personal life etc a few years back. 15 majors now, a true great in the game!...feel for Francesco though, between the second round and up to the final 9 holes of today felt he was the most solid golfer out there, but golf is a cruel game.

  5. Hi Tom, I'm an avid golfer (play off 9)...I personally would love to see Woods win it but personally can't see it happening but it would be great for Golf and one of the big all time come backs in sport, but for me I can see a tussle between Molinari (whose game has been close on robotic particularly his shortish putting) and Koepka unless some slightly off the pace player comes storming in with a low round.

    Weather conditions look different today for the final round so scoring will be somewhat higher than yesterday with breezier conditions and possible rain and T-Storms coming in from the west...and who knows a tornado 🙂 (had plenty in Alabama over the last few hours).

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  6. 23 hours ago, Wimbledon88 said:

    12c with sunny spells in the capital. 

    Cold out of the sun though with a stiff easterly breeze at 15mph.

    Hopefully something milder and wetter soon. 

    I wouldn't bet on it becoming wetter the Atlantic has gone completely AWOL again as per this time last year...

  7. Just saw the end of the ITV 6.30 news and they finished with a few scenes of the current 'wintry' weather and before this Mary Nightingale said and to quote her 'and after one of the mildest winters on record' - whhaaaaattttttttt!?! do the media only earmark what happened in a winter on how it finished? the previous winter after the 'beast from the east' I remember quite a few quotes saying it being a cold winter...laughable! :oldrofl:

  8. 23 hours ago, Jimmyh said:

    It does surprise me how soft we have all become lol. You may wonder why i said this. I would like to turn our minds back to arguably the worst winter for storms. 2013/2014. now we had a line of storms similar to this week lining up for practically the whole of the winter. You could count proper storms, with higher wind gusts than we have had all the way through this week. remember the valentines day storm, xmas storm, far far worse than any of these storms. I love a good wind storm, but these are just blowing few trees down compared to 2013/2014 and wasnt that also the year of St Jude?? remember also the Southeastern trains regularly were suspended for at least half the day.

    This wind is more continuous than that winter of 2013/14 (which arguably was one of the longest winters I can remember, for all the wrong reasons)...yes there were wind storms and copious rainfall but that was in the winter months not early spring and after a fortnight or so of calm warm February weather - that's what's making it annoying presently - if this was either October or November then more par for the course!

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  9. Cheers for your input...wowzer! been on YouTube and seem some mighty crazy ones and appears the majority of the 'bigguns' form around Moore near Oklahoma City :oldwink: and appears earlier in the season (March/April) Alabama/Arkansas/Missouri/Tennesee/Kentucky/Georgia are the States more effected but as mentioned as weather is a fickle beast Tour 5 could be as good as Tour 1 but May is the month for the 'action'...

    Currently going though probate so next few months not sure what bills I'll be shelling out for, are there quite a few spaces available for 2020? (I can't see availability on the tours anywhere).

    Cheers Tim

  10. Hi there thinking about booking a place for 2020 tour - can anybody tell me statistically (for tornadoes) whether it is better to book an earlier tour (Dallas Fort Worth) or later tour (Denver)? - if you book an earlier tour from Dallas does this mean a tour of more eastern/southern States i.e. Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Alabama etc? ...basically historically what has had the more success.

    Many thanks Tim (sorry probably wrong thread)

  11. On 02/03/2019 at 08:54, Matthew. said:

    Here’s the winter CET anomalies since 1989 by the 81-10 average

    1989 +5.8 1990 +5.0 1991 -4.6 1992 +0.1 1993 +0.4 1994 +0.3 1995 +4.0 

    1996 -4.6  1997 -1.6 1998 +4.6 1999 +2.6 2000 +2.5 2001 -0.3 2002 +2.4

    2003 +0.4 2004 +1.9 2005 +2.0  2006 -1.3 2007 +5.6 2008 +3.2 2009 -3.1

    2010 -6.4 2011 -4.3  2012 +1.5   2013 -2.2 2014 +4.5 2015 +0.4 2016 +6.3

    2017 +2.4 2018 -0.7 2019 +3.9

    31 years, 3c overall either way 9 warmer, 5 colder

    2019 was 17th warmest in 360 years which means 8/17 have occurred since 1989

    hhmmmm....going by the 1981-10 series skew's the figures somewhat e.g. 2008/09 would have have not be anywhere near -3.1 going by the 61-90 series, probably from the millennium the series is more applicable.

  12. Just noticed I won the winter 2018/19 CET comp...I really should do a winter forecast but I keep backing out at the last minute, I know easy to say in hindsight but my thoughts were for a largely disappointing winter in terms of cold but with 1 noteworthy spell (not sure the end of January merited that though some parts of southern and south western England did briefly get a good dumping). Maybe this winter I will do one but I won't go as far as week by week which to be fair is almost impossible.

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