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  1. More of a chance of that happening being a winter month and track record of winter months of recent years...
  2. Don't worry we won't - BFTP (Fred) is forecasting a cold start to spring and with his track record...
  3. Coldest morning of the winter here with a minima of +0.1c but the wait goes on for the air frost, nice and frosty lawn though.
  4. Augusts haven't been poor or poorer in general across the United Kingdom due to northern blocking though...anyway last summer's -NAO other than June largely didn't effect this country, the -NAO index was largely due to Greenland's consistent high pressure, between 60 and 50 degree latitude in the North Atlantic experienced more low pressure systems either to the west or north than recent summers.
  5. 2013/14 was worse...that was a no hoper completely thanks to a raging polar vortex particularly in Jan/feb, flooding, many grey days with the odd frost.
  6. Hardly had a frost this morning I swear here out near the Essex coast we have our own micro-climate when it comes to such things!...down to 2c last night which is very run of the mill stuff and the wait for the first air frost goes on...and will probably have to wait until we actually get a cold air mass over the country which seems mission impossible.
  7. Not really a complete fallacy (which I think you meant)...check out of recent times Jan 2011 (1042mb) to the north west of the UK, Feb 2012 (1042mb) centred near Scandinavia and Dec 2016 (1041mb) centred just to the east of the UK though not on quite the same intensity can be achieved in more favourable locations.
  8. Shame the high pressure which is close to record breaking (my Barograph is at 1046mb) isn't centred near Scandinavia or further north of us then that would be something to talk about but in it's current position it really is nothing remarkable synoptically other than keeping us dry and sunny and going by the latest ECM not lasting that long! This winter has been woeful to date...
  9. It would be a sight to behold if it was anchored near Scandinavia or to the north but in it's current position it's keeping us dry for a few days...nothing more nothing less and going by the latest ECM it's influence won't last that long.
  10. Still waiting for my first god damned air frost!!! never happened in my 36 years odd of winter recording, got down to 1.8c here last night/this morning and a frosty lawn but no ice on bird baths etc. - sad times!...I suppose at least we've got some settled sunny weather, better than the rubbish so far this winter.
  11. Look how cold Africa is though (well most of the north) and Greenland too...and what about Canada/United States?
  12. I keep winter records and so far this winter we have had 16 dull/cloudy days which have had calm or slight breeze conditions (what I call bland days) and this doesn't even include the days with rainfall like today which says it all!....sadly it feels more winters are becoming like this, I sorted myself out with plenty of Vitamin D tablets in October.
  13. At least this windy interlude of the last day has broken up the boredom of this winter for the time being. Ridiculously mild out there at the moment with a temp of 12.9c and a gust recorded here of 46mph - the strongest of the winter but nothing that outstanding.
  14. In these times of Global Warming and 'betty' still comes out with this or the 'at least it will be mild' which I've heard several times of late - I wish he would retire or become a bit more 'neutral'. Hope all is well Tom and this terrible weather isn't getting you down?
  15. Interestingly I'm yet to record an air frost this winter (which includes November)...since keeping winter weather records from 1983/84 that has never occurred not even in those horrible winters and late autumns of 1989/90, 1997/98, 2006/07, 2013/14 and 2015/16 - sad stuff!
  16. Seriously I'm not going to get in an argument of what is 'bad' for a summer month (in the middle of winter) and notice you come from Cambridge so not up north, yes we have had some mixed summer months of recent years but a large percentage of them have been warmer than normal and the only 'bad' summer month I can recollect of the last 6/7 years is June last year but we do all have our own opinions of what 'bad' is and depending of what age you are...personally feel we have been spoilt since 2012 for summer months if warmth and sun is your thing (and other late spring and early autumn months) but then again I live in the far south east, the driest portion of the UK and not far from the continent.
  17. I'd go for 78/79 as well (for reasons mentioned above post) but 1981/82 was pretty good as well here (drifting snow in December for a couple of weeks) and then another week of really cold conditions and more snowfall in January. Worse winter certainly of recent times was 2013/14 - utterly dreadful, flooding, windy and very little in the way of sun for 3 months!
  18. One thing that would raise an eyebrow with me and that's to have a cool summer...haven't had one since 2012. More surprising than having a chilly winter, then again thinking about it maybe not, both becoming rare beasts.
  19. I thought the northerly had done a 'piff paff poof' and magically disappeared!?!...the excitement is now building for a coldish high pressure in a weeks time or so with the chance of a frost (give me strength).
  20. Probability states it will get watered down in the nearer timescale (if we get anything close to that synpotic as 9/10 days is a long time away) and going by recent northerly shots and there haven't been many in the last few months a passing glimpse with any decent cold going to our east as of your post suggests.
  21. 12.9c currently, this will get all the bulbs out if they're not out already and fish are real active in the pond - looks like being a complete non-event this winter and just a relentless amount of lows developing on the latest ECMWF so no change there.
  22. What at 300z + hours?...I don't even bother looking at the GFS anymore.
  23. Agree...counted 15 days already so far this winter with nondescript cloudy/dull calmish days, thank god for the Vitamin D supply. I'm trying to get my head around just how boring this winter is...that tornado going over the M25 is the highlight.
  24. Your location must be more prone to frost than mine as I live near the coast. I only experienced 7 air frosts (maybe a case that map should show some easterly coastal areas somewhat milder with the last few days being the exception).
  25. A little excessive these MetO anomaly charts I feel though obviously variations and I'm near the coast...we didn't really get any cold conditions until 25th and then very cold 27th onwards in 2018 and this is showing between -1.5-2.5c below normal for the 1981-2010 period (which must say it all) for many parts of the south east. My readings for that month were -0.8c below normal based a mean of 4.4c for Essex. February 2012 +0.1c February 2013 -0.95c You probably have to go back to 1996 or 1991 for the last 'real' cold February. By the way my thermometers are British standard sheathed and in a Stevenson Screen.
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