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  1. I think I'll stick to playing the game Tom! ...thanks for your work on this, always a bit of fun!
  2. Some great analysis from SqueakheartLW...would some of these figures particularly the La Nina's be skewed by winters i.e pre mid-1990's as a number are based 40/50 years ago and are the CET's based on what series? Global Warming has changed many facets / teleconnections that we used to rely on.
  3. It dissipates often here on the Essex coast particularly in summer and when the wind is in the west (which it largely has been this summer)...I would say not once this summer have I experienced heavy rain (moderate rain in a thunder storm/shower and quite often just light rain even in more unsettled spells). I am in one of the driest areas in the entire UK though, as for folks in Sussex I think there are micro-climates all along the coastline due to the topography (I remember a poster from Dorset who posts regularly saying the same thing). Another day here breaching 20c - warm, sunny and not surprisingly still dry.
  4. Yes you daren't say such a thing you must conform when there is a possible chance of a cold spell and snow, the MAD thread is just as bad as regional one's as I have experienced back in 2018/19 - I dared to say the ECM at day 9/10 looked to be bringing mild conditions in on consecutive runs (late January) when for weeks many were hooked on the MetO 30 day forecast and I believe the Euro monthlies? of becoming cold with the chance of the white stuff/blocking to the north/north east. The models had struggled in general beyond day 6/7 and a large percentage of posters just turned a blind eye to the ECM FI...needless to say I was met by vitriol, and it did turn mild by the end of the 1st week of February..
  5. 22.1c currently and the endless warm, sunny, breezy and dry days continue on the Riviera.
  6. No silly stories in the papers (Express) or musings from Joe Bastardi about the impending coldest winter in 30 years or 'snowmaggedon' to come as of yet which usually occurs sometime in September. Not sure whether there was any garbage journalism last Autumn about the 2019/20?
  7. Nothing to do with the weather (obviously) early this week it was warm in the evening - 22c here at 8pm on Tuesday and was almost dark but felt nothing like Autumn, maybe the many leaves on the ground make it look so? Indian summer for you when your going round with a thin cardigan at most?
  8. That BBC website is about as accurate as Stevie Wonder at darts, certainly when it comes to temperatures - 9 times out of 10 temps are to low and a lot can change between now and 11 days away.
  9. Thinking that this morning listening to Radio 2 (they obviously have an obligation to play current stuff as well as old)...whether you can pin it on nostalgia or not I just don't think the creativity is there any more (largely), the song writing or just talent especially when you look at Simon Cowell or that Max Martin (Swedish songwriter) being behind some of the artists in this country and abroad and other factorised music. Recently I was looking at the 50th anniversary of the Isle of Wight festival on YT and watched/listened to some of the artists: Hendrix, Free, The Who etc and I just thought wow! they're talented they can all play their chosen instruments to the hilt and you can see giving it 100% live and sounding good...maybe part of the problem is that songs are just too over produced. Personally felt it all went downhill as soon as Stock Aitken and Waterman came on the scene.
  10. Hi Tom, sorry almost forgot (been a bit busy). Hope you're keeping well? Here are my guesses Group A 1: Dustin Johnson USA 10/1 2: Jon Rahm EUR 16/1 3: Collim Morikawa (NAP) USA 22/1 Group B 1: Tony Finau USA 33/1 2: Viktor Hovland EUR 50/1 3: Paul Casey EUR 50/1 Group C 1: Matthew Wolff USA 66/1 2: Matt Kuchar USA 80/1 3: Sungjae Im ROW 80/1 Group D 1: Brendon Todd USA 100/1 2: Ian Poulter EUR 125/1 3: Byeong-Hun An ROW 150/1
  11. Have you got a crystal ball?...I wouldn't rule it out the way this year has been going. We had 29c on the 1st October 2011.
  12. 26.8c here on the Riviera, not a breath of wind either but no doubt that will change in a few days time (just like the Spring period which had constant quiet/breezy periods without little rain).
  13. Nearly 26c here today and clear blue skies...personally had enough of this type weather as we had large swathes of it back in April and May and occasionally in the less than impressive Summer months. As another possible lockdown approaches we'll go back to dry, sunny warm conditions though I'd much rather we have cooler weather and like to see the near continent cool down.
  14. Nearly 26c today again warmer than forecast (how many times have I said that over the last month or so)...a couple of days ago it was 23c then went up to 24c forecast by the Beeb yesterday for today. Personally I feel sad we're getting these high anomalies now...GW is really getting a wriggle on now.
  15. Yep! another rather inaccurate forecast for this region, more sun than expected and warmer temps than forecast (there's a surprise)...21c forecast for here today but 22.4c outside currently. Belated happy birthday to Tom (for a moment I thought your wife now felt you looked like the carrot cake)
  16. Is that abnormal for you and do you have to wear it more often and can you go into a bit more detail like a certain someone on here?
  17. Believe me he loses everyone...first post I've read today of his (just scrolling down this thread) and yet again telling us what 19c is for the time of year and what he would or wouldn't be wearing He also likes handing out badges and medals as well...
  18. So most of your posts are regarding how you feel regarding conditions, temperatures?...you should state that rather than saying it was 'cold', 'chilly', 'very warm' etc. as if that was fact. For example your reply to member Freeze you state January 2019 was 'very cold at times'...is this how you felt at the time? (which is usually the case) or actually anomaly wise? You seem to have this incredible memory for certain periods/months which date back years stating in posts how it was and what you were wearing and to be honest not always on the money, by the way I do have a badge of honour for my winter records (other than 2008/9) and you need one considering how woeful they're generally becoming.
  19. So you like arguing against actual facts or are you again referring to how you feel?...I've been recording since 1983/84 and have a Stevenson Screen in my garden and here in the south east, December was a mixed month with temps near normal, January was by far the biggest temp anomaly of the three being mild and February a chilly month by and large due to the last week.
  20. No it wasn't (please don't say it felt chilly to you)...but one of the 'colder' winters of the last 5 or 6 which says it all! Below pic proves it and this is going by 1981-2010 series.
  21. Quite clearly a resounding no from me...even back in the day in my location you had a bit more variation to the weather in winter. Recent winters (since about 2013) other than the easterly and very cold spell/snap at the end of Feb beginning of March 2018 are largely filled with dull days either with rainfall or not and little in the way of frosts or the white stuff and temperatures varying from near normal to very mild. I've been recording late Autumn/Winter weather since 1983/84 but considering just recording the more notable spells for extreme conditions from now on. God dam Global warming!
  22. Just heard a rumble of thunder to the south...pouring down here on the Essex coast, shocking end to the summer.
  23. Most probably...there always seems to be a reason why we don't get a coldish winter. +SLP in the north east Pacific is prevalent again and has been ongoing since these run of mild winters.
  24. Just a breezy day here so far...nothing exceptional for summer, infact had windier spells this Spring/Summer. Might get worse this afternoon.
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