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  1. Booming thunder and lightning just off New Brighton
  2. Constant flashing around the clouds at present
  3. Sat in Alcudia with an orange warning in force from midnight. Nothing seen as yet but waiting in anticipation
  4. Devon donut

    North west regional discussion

    Snowing in Wallasey. Very small flakes just blowing everywhere
  5. It's very strange out at present, the gulls are going crazy. The intense cell to your west does seem to be tracking East slowly
  6. Can see big towers going up through the haze over the Wirral.
  7. Its glorious now. Lets hope its enough for a storm
  8. Devon donut

    North West England - Weather chat

    Very light dandruff floating past the lamp post in Wallasey
  9. Just had torrential rain and a clap of thunder as the shower moved on. The rain was over flowing the gutters and drains.
  10. Just about to post that the convection has shot up in last 20 mins. Looks like a cell forming
  11. Wow !!!! If carlsberg did storms that was it . No storms club GOODBYE
  12. Devon donut

    Need Help On The Site/forum?

    Mr Data may be able to point you in the right direction.