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  1. Completed the worst ever school run in 7 years here. Was 36.4 C in Faversham walking back. Pushing the double pram 3 miles whilst pregnant (yes I do love a baby) it was a killer. Ive guessed the top temp to be 38.9 C here this week but I really think it will be higher now. Crazy crazy hot. Really feel for those suffering! Get those cold flannels on you and sit in front of a fan asap! 

  2. 1 hour ago, Snipper said:

    Just a natural reaction to abnormal dry weather. Dump excess leaves and it helps tree to go into a semi hibernation. 

    If I have a very luxuriant plant and it is flagging I cut it right back so leaf cover is reduced. It then tends to sprout like mad when it grows on in better condition.

    In the future if you did a trunk core it may show a smaller growth ring than usual. 

    Must admit it seems strange to have an early Autumn. 

    Thank you. I didn’t know that, every day is a school day ha! 

  3. 13 hours ago, Dami said:

    Can't believe they are saying 34c.  It's hot enough

    The point is, it's not me wanting the rain, it's needed. 


    I feel ya Dami! I did see your other post and had to post my agreement on this one.

    its really hard for me personally to see this summer (so far) for what it is... fantastic. I’m a heat lover, sunbathe as much a poss and usually long for the melting hot days of summer. However, this year I’m currently 7 months pregnant, and have a toddler 😩 I can honestly say I have never in my life suffered with the heat like I am now. I walk the eldest 2 to school and back everyday which is a 5 Mile round trip and on a couple of occasions I’ve actually cried where it’s made me feel so ill. I feel miserable most days and stay indoors as much as possible. It’s awful. Thank God they break up on Tuesday.


    I didn’t understand before how people could moan about lovely sunny weather and heat but now I do. I wake up every morning and come in here to see what’s in store for the day and feel panic creep in when I know it’s going to be another hot one, seriously. So for all those suffering, I feel you! 

    Worryingly, something I have never seen before is happening outside my door. The trees in the park are losing their leaves. I’m guessing this is from lack of water. I’ve never seen this before, it’s July yet looking like Autumn out there. It’s going to be a strange Autumn if there’s hardly any leaves on the ground as they’ve lost them already! 






  4. Morning all,

    A nice covering here in Faversham. Not sure of measurements as I haven’t been out with the trusty ruler yet. Woke up at 1 and was not happy to see hardly any snow on the ground. Stayed up til 3 with the baby and still nada. Woke up to the alarm at 5 and we had been blessed ❄️❄️ Hasn’t stopped snowing since. Schools are open but mummy’s called an official snow day. It probably won’t snow for another 5/6/7 years so I’m letting them enjoy it. I’ll spend the day educating them in this mysterious thing they call Snow and the weather. They’ve already gone out with their step dad to Tesco for carrots and coal 😂 I used all the carrots last night making soup 🙈 OH set off for his yard in Maidstone and they called as he got to the end of the road and said don’t bother.. result! Anyway, Enough of my waffle... I hope everyone either has snow, gets snow and stays safe and enjoys it ☺️


    Pics from Faversham this morning... 





  5. Afternoon all,

    i haven’t posted in a long time but I’ve been reading the mad thread for a while now and I’m super excited about what is in store for us (hopefully) next week! ❄️❄️❄️ We haven’t seen any snow on the ground since 2013 here in Sunny Faversham and even then, it was so poor I just about managed to scrape together a 6inch snowman with raisins for eyes and buttons 🙈 before that it was 2010. So although some parts of Kent have indeed seen laying snow, some of us are starved! 1000000000% ready for lamppost watching and spending hours gazing out the window 😍 


  6. Had quite an interesting morning here, with a couple of storm cells, giving a brief burst of torrential rain and quite a lot of thunder and lightning.


    One interesting thing is how quickly the storms developed. The first cell, with its spreading anvil, was evident before it showed on the radar (due to the short time lag) Another thing is that these weren't imports and obviously didn't develop due to heat of the day. Obviously the airmass over us is highly unstable, but I wonder what the trigger mechanism was?


    Interesting too, if you look at the GFS CAPE charts for 6 o'clock this morning, there wasn't anything to really indicate storms over East Anglia - with the likely area to the south and west still.


    The trigger mechanism was that it had passed over the storm shield that holds strong in this little corner of our island and it thought right, now we're good to go lol. 


    I was woken at 5 something by lightning app, shot out of bed only to find that it fired up just past us. A bit frustrating although I enjoyed a nice peaceful couple of hours alone before the kids woke up :) good luck to everyone today fingers crossed for some juicy storms. Blue sky peeping through cloud here in Fav

  7. It's the controller on the ground who does the fuelling, plus they keep data on how much has gone in. The more one sees , and the more one reads, especially regarding the route being flown and the timing of dropping off of all comms, the more this looks like a very carefully planned and executed operation. The choice of when to go "missing" and then large changes of heading to throw off any searchers ( radar or otherwise ) .....

    Looks like an insider job now from where I'm sitting.


    I know, they could also be part of the well executed plot though. Judging by how Malaysia Airlines operate, they wouldn't know if any had gone missing for at least a month.


    I just saw something very interesting...on CNN someone spotted something on the tomnod site.


    Link to story



    I have to say out of all the markings I've seen lately this is the most interesting. Debris field is large and part does resemble a fuselage. Could the public really be first to find it before the authoritys? 





  8. IF there was crew involvement, how do we know that plane wasn't full to the brim with fuel or not? it could theoretically have been tanked to the max. Although it could've easily made it to Diego Garcia though even without 'extra' fuel. 


    It truly is the most puzzling thing I have ever seen! Posted Image

  9. The pilot had a simulator at home?


    He does. He spends all his time on it too apparently. He is a geeky guy, loves planes, loves life, loves cooking and spends a lot of time on his FS. I haven't seen much on the younger co-pilot


    Here is his FS anyway



  10. See my post above, US are saying it was flown to the Adaman Islands.. Hence the new search over Indian Ocean..


    It's a mystery, but looking like one of the Pilots are in on this. My bet, the young lad.


    "Two U.S. officials believe the shutdown of two separate communications systems from the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 happened at different times, indicating the disappearance was less likely the result of a catastrophic failure and more the result of a "deliberate act," according to a new report from ABC News."


    To or towards? That wouldn't fit in with an extra 4-5 hours flying time though? 4-5 hours would take them way further. Its at a point where you just don't know what to believe, all the quotes from sources are officially denied and contradict eachother. I hope they find it soon wherever it may be 

  11. I've been totally obsessed by this. I cannot imagine the unbearable agony those families are in not knowing. In this day and age you just don't expect a huge plane to just go missing. The reporting has been shambolic and the denial of every report by the Malaysians makes this look very fishy indeed. 


    4-5 hours flying time from where the plane was suposedly last know (or thereabouts) can also take the plane here...



    I've no idea why they would be headed here but perhaps it could've been hijacked and ordered to here, shot down? crashed short? I have a feeling we wont ever know the truth.

  12. afternoon all :)


    what a beautiful day! almost as nice as Monday which was amazing. Its such a real treat after the total dross we've had for a few months. I've been out all day with the wee one taking pics. We just saw a rainbow which wasnt a rainbow (one in the clouds) I cant think what they're called. I've seen a few of them and they're always in the same place in the sky...weird! When I've sorted through my 500 odd pics I took today I'l post one up!

  13. Afternoon Posted Image


    Happy Friday!


    Beautiful day here in Faversham, Was just sitting there enjoying the peace and quiet and heard rain. Had a peek out the back and it was sunny blue, peek out the front and it was black, opened the door and saw the end of a rainbow in the park! I couldn't get a good pic as my little one is fast asleep and I couldn't leave her indoors but I could just see it through the trees coming down onto the grass. Thats a first for me. No pot of gold that I could see but maybe I'll be lucky on the lottery tonight. 

  14. Good morning all Posted Image YAWN!


    Hope everyone is ok and hasnt sufffered too much damage after last night!


    Still a bit gusty in Faversham. I tried sleeping at 11pm and set my alarm for 1am but it wasn't needed through that racket. I sat in bed from 12 until about 4 eating biscuits and wondering if the windows were going to be ripped off the hinges, as you do.


    I cant see any immediate damage here apart from big branches off the trees and more trees are now creeking in the wind. I think St Judes was definately more ferocious but last nights was much longer lasting. The wind always seems much worse at night as you cant see so your other senses compensate for that and it seems worse. Thats my theory anyway. 

  15. Marie, Down in the Valley had a couple of huge gusts about 10 minutes ago, pretty sure a tree/s came down in the wood at the back of my garden with a huge cracks heard, but other than that still seems not too bad this end either.


    Lol Tilly, mines open :-) Just put some more logs in the stove, buts it's not that cold either outside.


    Mine are all open but its starting to sound really scary. Eeek lights flickering here now

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