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  1. It tooks its time but our snow has finally arrived! Woohoo!! Lets hope it was more than worth the wait :0)

    1. Mr Frost

      Mr Frost

      Can you send it this way when you are done with it? I had a 1 cm covering 8 days ago and nothing since! :-( Have fun!

    2. Tilly


      will do! We had 3mm Friday and that was it. I think today may make up for that :)

  2. may be storm starved but we have been blessed with a glorious sunny day instead...can't complain

  3. oooooh it even smells like Spring out there! :D happy happy

  4. loving the t-shirt weather! long may it continue

  5. everything I fall in love with is soooo expensive :( gah!

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    2. Lancashire Lass
    3. A.J


      oh I know what you mean...my future wife a/k/a xbox720 will fleece me dry....lol

    4. Tilly


      haha you lot! shoes is my thing :) unfortunately they dont sell those in the £1 shops lol

  6. epic night and epic headache to boot...

  7. 15c and sunny out there at the mo..Ahhhhh Yeah!!

  8. totally lacking motivation today

  9. swapped pancakes for chocolate and biscuits...MUCH better idea

  10. tra la la la triangle...

  11. just seen a mistle thrush in the garden, thats a new one!

    1. geminitracie


      i had a whole flock of reed buntings in mine today x

    2. gottolovethisweather


      some birds a birding, i like it. Next you will be sending your records to the BTO like me. What a geek I am.

    3. Tilly


      :) I was excited as we don't get much of a variety of birds here. @GLTW I'm called a geek frequently :-D
  12. has been sucked in by the Akinator....again

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    2. bob_bruce


      Then again, it does beg the question of what you think I am implying?

    3. Alex95


      I'm not gonna even think about it...

    4. Tilly


      oh my haha. No bob..just no

  13. down comes the rain....

    1. shotski


      and the temperature

    2. bob_bruce


      It's happened again

      The thunder & lightning

      Down came the rain

      We walked by the sea for a long, long time

      I knew somehow she was nearly mine

      The look in her eyes told me this

      But just as we stopped for a kiss

      Down came the rain

      It's happened again

      The thunder & lightning

      Down came the rain

      She whispered to me she would be my bride

      She'd always be standing by my side

      I'd come to the end o...

  14. serious chocolate emergency! sob :(

  15. what is this Valentines Day they speak of?

  16. wow that is some hardcore swear filter lol

    1. Aaron


      I feel sorry for the residents of Scun-thorpe

  17. so gutted about Whitney :( sad day

  18. i wanna be drunk when i wake up on the right side of the wrong bed

  19. is it too early for alcohol?

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    2. Isolated Frost

      Isolated Frost

      And as we all know wine o'clock never ends...! friday nights :p :P :p

    3. wimblettben


      I think with high-end functioning Autism there are language difficultys as well.

    4. Tilly


      ah ok :) I'm still learning

  20. so happy to see some sunshine! chase away that SAD

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    2. Tilly


      I'm a snowaholic but grey and cloudy for too long makes me feel so so glum. Its been lovely today :)

    3. Partholon


      give me cloudy conditions,with snow,over cloudy conditions and drizzle anyday!

    4. Milhouse


      Yes its been great today and what a fabulous morning it was with the sun glistening off the fresh snow. Everyone knows the snow looks nicer on a crisp sunny day with blue skies.

  21. so happy to see some sunshine! chase away that SAD

  22. tea and biscuits o'clock!

  23. shall be mostly drinking tea and eating cake to keep warm! brrrrr

  24. feeling a bit sick with all this excitement. Will it? Won't it? Just wake me up when its here

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