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  1. I could too a few hours ago!! I thought I was mistaken, so glad it's not just me, it was so strange!
  2. Yes, we've had thunder on and off for a few hours now, with each cluster of showers. very, very windy too.
  3. It was totally the opposite for us - the intense lightning woke me up but the thunder never got louder than a distant rumble. And we're only a few miles away from each other!
  4. After a short storm late this morning, we now have pretty constant but fairly distant rumbles of thunder every 20 seconds or so. I don't remember having had a summer of storms quite like this one.
  5. Yea, we had that one giant clap of thunder too at midday but it went on for so long, I convinced myself it wasn't thunder at all but building work somwhere.
  6. It's only up to 15C - I've had the heating on for an hour! Persistant rain all day, heavy at times. Very miserable for July.
  7. We had a loud rumble of thunder just before 10, a nice shower following that and since then the cloud has broken up to leave patches of very blue sky and sunny spells. Still a few more ominous clouds about though. For some reason the temperature display on my weather station is on the blink which is very annoying but having just been outside, boy it's humid. Not pleasant at all.
  8. The storm reached here a few minutes ago - frequent thunder, not much lightning but the wind is howling!
  9. Sorry to hear the sad news about your father. I have taken some time off and have been pottering in the garden after having some bad news myself this week. It really does seem to help bring peace, in some small way. Wishing you all the best.
  10. I'm at Crossways and it's still lovely and sunny! Edit: Just started raining lightly now.
  11. Morning all. Likewise, it started dull and drizzly but it's now bright sunshine and drying off nicely. Really wish it would stay like this for the rest of the week as I have a couple of days off.
  12. I went away for 2 days, came back last night ...and you were gone . I know I'm only echoing other sentiments but I've enjoyed getting to know people's (online) personalities and it will be a loss for me should I not get to 'see' you for the rest of the year. I tend not to notice any disagreements unless they're too obvious and I'm sure the most other don't either - we simply come on to share our weather obs, have a look at what some of our very talented fellow 'regionnaires' make of the models (JP & Tamara to name but a couple) which helps us to plan different aspects of our lives, r
  13. Overcast and cool at work in Dartford. Very much looking forward to the possibility of a warm and sunny bank holiday, although we're going to stay on the Sussex coast for a couple of days next week to celebrate our wedding anniversary and of course, all signs point to rain on Wednesday / Thursday when I had visions of walking hand-in-hand on a deserted beach, the sun warming our faces, love in our hearts..... I shall pack the waterproofs. Have a lovely day all.
  14. No sun at work in Dartford, still very overcast and grey. Really hoping for some exciting weather today as it's my birthday and I can't remember ever having a good old storm on my birthday. Sunshine and warmth - yes; freezing cold and raining - yes. a cracking storm - not yet.....!
  15. It's still going strong - I know storms were mentioned but I didn't think we'd see anything exciting here!
  16. The rain has arrived with a vengeance; Very dark, lights on, heating on, temp 10c - and thunder as I type!
  17. I was just about to write, and then I saw your post - they're not good for snowflake watching! Admittedly, we've not had much opportunity this Winter to partake, but it's difficult to see rain - they just don't cast a 'glow' around the lamp and there's not enough contrast. I worked in the lighting industry for 14 years and know the pros but I have to admit, I do miss the warm, orangey glow from the old sodium lamps - the new LEDs give a much colder, less welcoming feel to the streets. Just personal preference! Weather wise, warmer than I expected this morning; 2 loads of washing done and on
  18. Sadly the weather today isn't as lovely as it was yesterday, infact it's depressingly cloudy. Fingers crossed it brightens up later! Happy Friday peeps Great photos Snow Raven! I'm just down the road in Dartford where the cloud has broken and the sun is shining, so you should hopefully see something a bit more cheerful soon :-) Sorry about the formatting here - looks like I've stolen your post and made it look like my own
  19. Yes! I thought I could smell gas when I stepped outside this morning (Orpington). Glad I'm not the only one. Weatherwise, it's overcast. Was hoping for another glimpse of the sunshine before the weekend's rain but not convinced that#ll happen.
  20. That's my station, thanks for the info. After a lull in the wind, it's getting breezy again now but nothing out of the ordinary yet.
  21. Every time you've reported a flicker, we've had one too at exactly the same time - about 150 miles away!
  22. Our cast iron door knocker is knocking on the (semi-sheltered) front door in the wind - we've lived in this house for over 10 years and I've never heard it do that before. I keep thinking we have unannounced visitors!
  23. The squall has reached us at work in Dartford. Hail and what looks like small flakes of wet snow blowing in the wind. Lasted all of 3 minutes!
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