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  1. 7c here, a toothless cold spell too say the least. Hearing the BBC bang on about 'Bitterly cold' blah blah, it's a wonder why people like 'Piers Corbyn' go on about the BBC & The MO being 'Charlatans'. Their is no bite to this cold spell at all. It's weak. All the fuss is just beyond ridiculous. The way this 'Northerly' has been forecasted has been a complete shambles. I won't even bother with a BBC forecast again tbh. Never ever watch ITV, it's complete rubbish and guess work. On Friday, the beeb forecasted a mainly dry day on saturday lol. It was wet pretty much for half the
  2. Showers marching in towards us, some will be disappointed as Rain & Sleet will be most of them depending on how heavy they are, then some wet snow. Hopefully later their can be more, then they will be mostly of snow.
  3. Feeling a little anxious about this cold spell. BBC are sooooo vague about weather down in this quadrant of the UK. They show on their graphics, bands of showers fleeting with the SE through this morning and this evening, but their is no such evidence on the current radar. Showers are dying over the Welsh mountains and if any make it too the Midlands, well they are decaying very fast. Thus not making it to the SE and were in for a day of glorious winter sunshine with a marked wind chill, and staying relatively dry apart from the odd flurry of sleet or snow, even rain for that matter
  4. This cold spell could produce something for one day down here, but thereafter, it looks rather anticyclonic with high pressure making inroads midweek next. So, albeit doom and gloom, it doesn't look great for us snow starved south easterners yet again. Graphics of precipitation don't cut it for me. It's on the day that matters and looking at the radar. Can see it now.......showers moving swiftly across the midlands and dying out as it gets anywhere near the M25 lol.
  5. You've only got to look at the jet stream forecast to see that the rest of this month is going to be cold/very cold and that easterly/North easterly will keenly develop late next week. So I think it's very encouraging. Models will start to fall into place very soon, and this place will no doubt go into meltdown again!
  6. Looks intense for them. Hope that part of the world is spared from disaster that these types of rains can easily cause.
  7. Here's mine....impressed with the 90 odd MB's from the Manc fan!
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