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  1. Warm and Humid in Glasgow today, first time in a while .
  2. Yeah , nothing too heavy out in East Kilbride.
  3. We had a nest in the cavity wall in late May. Couldnt see it , may of been a small nest, Was worried it would come through on inside into the bedroom. Powdered the hole , dont see them coming and going from hole . Hopefully they are not in the cavity still. Dont think ive ever seen a wasps nest in person.
  4. Good way to put it. Noticed the light has changed , bit hazy and sun lower, about now , changes from summer to end of summer. I am looking forward to fresher air in Glasgow.
  5. Same here in East Kilbride, i thought you couldnt see lightening from that far, Certainly no thunder could be heard even from Motherwell , Cumbernauld or Airdrie.
  6. Very frequent flashes, not sure if they are overhead or distant. No thunder. East Kilbride
  7. Flashes visable to the south from East Kilbride. No thunder
  8. Lightening map showing strike in Glasgow, heard nothing so far
  9. Nothing here in East Kilbride, not sure if i want to open the windows and let humid air into the house !
  10. Frequent flashes , maybe more Kilmarnock area , not sure. Not heard any thunder yet
  11. Can see flashes to the south of East Kilbride. Can't hear any thunder , how far away can you start to hear it?
  12. We seem to get 29c or 30c but only for a day or so .
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