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  1. Storm was north of EK , seemed to head East . Weather has been in a strange rut . Walking to work has been Russian Roulette with the rain at 5 to 6pm . Plus the humidity , back of my head sweats .
  2. Yes , always find it odd that the English schools are still in during most of July . Yes usually in Scotland better weather start of summer , after the last week of July , tends to slip .
  3. Yesterday was still and humid, started to drizzle when walking to work . Not ideal conditions as sweating ! Plenty of midges at night on the walk home.
  4. When was the last time it rained in Glasgow? Cant remember , before XMAS?
  5. Bit of brightness trying to come through , late in the day though
  6. Is the summer really boring then for the cold lovers ? Not a fan of this weather , Jackets need to be taken off as soon as you step in a building !
  7. Joint warmest day since 27th July , rather cold August and September eh? Remember the 20c in 2005 , was at the end of October . Been a wet autumn , hoping for more sunshine
  8. Horrible , cool , dark and damp . If summer was this August it would be one of the worst surely
  9. To me been the poorest month of the summer for a long time now , i prefer early summer . Even September can be a lot better . In england and Europe its more a holiday month . I think early August has the highest average temperatures though.
  10. Seemed Humid today in Glasgow . August so far has been a cloudier affair but goes to show how good it has been .
  11. Yeah , noticed that , no good when your walking to work as im sweating when i start . Rain yesterday was first in a month ive experienced at home and first since 26th June when i had rain on holiday.
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