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  1. Starting to rumble away here from the storm to the east of us
  2. Could of checked that heading home first thing so hopefully roads will of been well gritted and I can’t believe I’m going to say it I honestly hope there is no more snow at home because the streets are a nightmare we needs to parks the cars up on the neon road
  3. Was this forecast ? I have t seen the forecast in a few days it’s quiet Maby folks are not aware in other news I’m staying down in the shire with maw and can confirm as happened earlier the wintry stuff is kidding us by about two miles I do not miss the snap sheiks here
  4. Down at my mums in the shire and we have freezing rain tinkling away and treacherous
  5. It wouldn’t be Scotland if it wasn’t difficult
  6. Another line of showers over Ireland Maby this one will deliver for the snow starved Ayrshire people
  7. I can actually see the snow falling from the sky around a mile off shore
  8. Radar is goosed I think should be snowing but clear skies to east snowy skies to west I’m currently in maidens
  9. I thinks it’s still looking very well organised and would expect to fall as snow along the Ayrshire coast ps im also down this way today
  10. Stay safe guys !!! When I checked radar I was very surprised to see it so well organised far more so than the forecast
  11. The band moving across Ireland to me looks very well organised much more so than the forecast predicted definitely worth a watching
  12. Spent today helping neighbours try get out the street every car needed to be pushed out and up the car and parked on main road absolutely awful road conditions snow is all fun and games until it stops met o have snow in the forecast for Sunday
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