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  1. Dry here in Ayr as per ALL the precipitation splits north and south lol
  2. Is Callum the remuneration of hurricane Micheal ?? Any one know where he goes on leaving the us ?
  3. Hi I have about an 8th of a cm lying here I think u may need to go to court yourself the beast is just too generous How’s it going up ur neck ? U must get something by Friday
  4. Had a wee flurry this afternoon definitely powder snow going to cause some major issues where the worst will hit . Stay safe everyone and enjoy the snow ️ I’ll be lucky to scrape a 1 cm
  5. I checked the snow fall total charts and coastal Ayrshire was zilch I have faith we can get something as the conditions are perfect for snow and it’s a rairity here .
  6. Serious question how will the whole of Ireland get pasted with snow but Ayrshire won’t ?
  7. Who will have miss any snaw ME !!!! everytime any one know why the I phone weather app is showing 5-6oc for Ayr next week surely to god that’s incorrect ??
  8. Thank u but sadly it melted very quickly it was away in an hour of falling
  9. Well no well it might of been measurable but it melted by the time I left for work
  10. Well that was a suprise it’s snowing and it’s lying so it must be pasting elsewhere with altitude
  11. Nothing as yet edit absolute whiteout I think it’s hail but yeah it’s doing the job lol
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