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  1. Never seen this thread so busy loving the pics. Was out earlier for a wee walk snow up to our knees.
  2. I can't think in all my years and i will be 60 tomorrow, I have seen this much snow absolutely amazing. My daughters are a bit upset don't think they will make it over to us tomorrow.
  3. Showers more frequent here & heavier.
  4. All schools & nurseries closed in Renfrewshire.
  5. Very heavy snow here just stopped.
  6. Good spot Mr Frost snowing heavy here in Renfrew.
  7. Yeah you should b getting it now.
  8. Started as rain then hail now heavy snow.
  9. Hi folks heavy snow in Renfrew now.
  10. Happy New Year folks heavy snaw in the Frew.
  11. frewbuddie

    Scotland - Weather Chat

    Hi folks snowing in Renfrew.
  12. frewbuddie

    Scotland - Weather Chat

    Snowing heavy again in Renfrew.
  13. frewbuddie

    Scotland - Weather Chat

    Can only say wow sorry for you guys that are not getting the snow ,But don't get this very often so making the most of it.
  14. frewbuddie

    Scotland - Weather Chat

    This is brilliant sky heavy wit snow.