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  1. Storm just passed over North Leeds, looks to be heading towards the Dales
  2. Also May 10th 1998 had one down in Staffordshire but I only know this due to home video Footage.
  3. January 28th 2013 after the cold spell. When the milder air pushed in we had a very unexpected thunderstorm that produced deep blue lightning. Wasn’t forecast at all which made it even more special!
  4. Hope it’s Leeds’ turn tonight, we have always been slightly too far north/west for all of the major action. Last night we just got some steady rain and a distant rumble. I’m guessing the North West will become southern Florida yet again tonight though! 😂.
  5. Can’t sleep so think I am going to stay awake and see what happens, looking at the radar Leeds may be about to take a direct from the monster over the peaks!
  6. I must admit It has shocked me today at just effortlessly the heat built to extreme temperatures. Rubbish cool July and then boom 100F in one day! It seems like in the past the heat would have to have build for days for it to get to those temperatures. I reckon we will see 40C in the next 7 years personally.
  7. Nothing as of yet in Guiseley, the skies very dark though, looking like it’ll pass towards East Leeds
  8. Absolutely appalling month, one of the worst summers I can remember. Just been back from a bike ride and it feels like early October, very autumnal. Not expecting much from this upcoming warm spell either.
  9. Yet another absolute rotter of a day here, it’s such a waste at this time of year to get grey skies and drizzly rain. No warmth or convective activity at all. Easily the worst summer since 2012 here.
  10. Very forgettable summer but nowhere near as bad as 2012 (or this year!). It had its fair share of dry days but they were mostly cool. Seem to remember the weekend of the 22nd August being warm and thundery but the worst of it missed us. I spent 2 weeks of July in the Canary Islands so I missed the heat and thunder of early July.
  11. Another absolutely appalling “July” day. Steady rain all morning, I haven’t seen the sun for days. At least it’s milder today (not like that makes much difference).
  12. Really missing going abroad this year when the weather is like this, it’s been one of the worst “summer” weeks for a good few years. Hoping things start to pick up soon.
  13. Yeah it is interesting how personal events can influence your memories on the weather. In the same way I rate 2013 as a great summer because I was 19 and carefree at the time. If a 2013 summer occurred in 2020 I probably wouldn’t rate it half as much.
  14. The recent hot spell has got me thinking about previous hot summer weather and it led me to summer 2013. 7 years ago now since this summer! How would people rate summer 2013? The June was ok here, it was cool but it had its fair share of dry and sunny weather. July was fantastic though, The heat kicked off in the first week and lasted for around 20 days. Ending in the proper way with huge thunderstorms on the 23rd. August was decent also, a hot spell at the beginning and warm throughout. Possibly the best August since 2006 (although that’s not saying much these days).
  15. Yeah this month has been nowhere near as bad as that month. Today has been vile though!
  16. Dreadful weather today, maximum of 12C, strong winds and rain on and off all day. It’s felt very 2012ish this afternoon.
  17. Woah surprise thunder and Lightning In LS20, pelting it down.
  18. Yeah I saw this exact effect happen on the Chevin on the late May 2017 Storm. Was mental!
  19. Yeah fairly disappointing today, Had torrential rain and loud thunder but didn’t see much lightning. I’ve seen videos from Otley of huge hailstones and that’s only about 4 miles down the road. Even more annoying!
  20. Skies very angry looking, the winds picking up big time, already feels cooler than earlier
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