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  1. Quite difficult because there’s been so many Christmas borefests they merge into one, I’ll try my best though!

    I remember snow falling on Christmas Day 1999, it didn’t settle though. 2004 we woke to a covering and we had a few snow showers throughout. 2009 & 2010 we had snow on the ground and the days were freezing but we had no falling snow. 

    2000, 2001, 2003,  2005, 2008, 2014 & 2017 all had snow in the Christmas period but none fell on the day itself.

    Worst years for festive weather I remember being 2002 (exceptionally mild and wet) and 2015 for the same reason but even more wet.

    2011 & 2016 were really mild, but at least I remember 2011 being sunny on Christmas Day which seems rare! 

    The rest I was too young to remember properly or were so boring wetaher wise I can’t remember them (even last year!)

  2. On 01/12/2020 at 15:20, D.V.R said:

    I've seen some bad dives in my time but this takes the biscuit🤦‍♂️


    The more I watch this, the more ridiculous it becomes and yet the Sky commentators just said “delayed reaction from Grealish”. They were embarrassing with their Grealish love in, had he been foreign they would have been dissecting  “what’s wrong with the game” it’s pathetic! 

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  3. I had my works Christmas do on the 15th and I remember stood outside in a queue to a bar at about 2am literally sweating. The wind was so warm, it felt like being abroad! It was staggering especially it was 5 years after 2010 like others have mentioned.

    The named storms we had were not particularly memorable here, the rain event on Boxing Day followed on behind “Eva”. Probably the wettest 24 hours I can remember.

  4. Yeah up here in Yorkshire 2014-2015 was actually alright, we had snow on Boxing Day and then several snowy spells in January and February. December 2015 was so bad it dragged the whole winter down even though we did have cold and snow in January and February 2016, I’ll agree it was good for heating costs that December though!

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  5. A lot of talk about the 10 year anniversary of December 2010 and rightly so but it’s also 5 years since this nightmare month. The warmest December of all time by a ridiculous margin.

    What are people’s overriding memories (or nightmares) of this month? Mine is the warmth in the week before Christmas, I remember driving home from work in short sleeves and the temperature being 17C on about the 18th which felt wrong on every level and I like warm weather. 

    It’s also the only time I can remember when my local area flooded, this was caused by the constant rain that started on Christmas Day and continued all of Boxing Day. The attached picture was taken on the 28th in Esholt near Bradford but it was a lot worse in other areas.

    It was awful but memorable month (for all the wrong reasons!)


  6. New Years Eve 2003, the day was cold but around 1700 it started raining heavily but it turned to snow a couple of hours later. By midnight we had a right dumping, we were only supposed to get sleet I think. The day after was really mild though and it had all gone by evening.

  7. The December 2010 thread has made me remember the last few days of that month. I remember the spell from the 27th to New Year being really foggy as the milder air creeped in. It’s a shame the cold didn’t hold on until the end of the month! 

  8. As other have said my all time favourite weather month. I was on holiday so missed the start of the November cold spell, the first half of December was really cold with lots of snow, similar to January 2010. The part that sticks with me though is the second cold spell, we didn’t have as much snow but the temperatures were unbelievably cold.

    I remember Thursday 16th starting wet with rain, by midday the cold air followed on from this and it turned to snow. I remember walking home from sixth form with everything started to freeze on the ground. The following days were the coldest temperatures I’ve ever experienced. It made a fantastic run up to Christmas. I remember the night of the 23rd into Christmas Eve getting down to -14 here with all the trees white over and total silence. Christmas Eve and Day were freezing but sunny with snow on the ground. Perfect timing for a such an amazing spell of weather.

  9. Another one I had forgotten about was the 4th March 2018. It was just after the beast from the east had passed but we had another few inches of snow all morning on the Sunday. We were only expecting some sleet but we got about 5 hours worth of heavy snow.

  10. A couple that stick out, 29th April 2016, we woke up to a couple of inches of snow which is the latest snow I can ever remember, it melted off by 10am though.

    Another is the morning of the 19th February 2011, it was supposed to be my first driving lesson but we had a covering of snow here that made me cancel it. Don’t think it effected anywhere else!

  11. December 2010 by a distance, it was such a magical time before Christmas with everything white over and the sun shining.

    December 2009 as it brought another white Christmas. I enjoyed 2017 as well, had a good variety of weather and we had snow on the morning of the 27th and during the day on the 8th.

    December 2008 was decent for cold and snow also.

  12. 21 minutes ago, Weather-history said:

    Snow did fall but it was further south, remember snow falling here but it never stuck


    We did get a lot of snow here in Leeds Bradford during that December 2008 spell. It was what I consider the first major snowfall in the 2008-13 colder period. The end of the month was freezing too but it didn’t snow here.

  13. This period we are going through now is particularly foggy, think this is day 4 of a thick fog but it has slowly cleared. Currently in self isolation which makes things even more depressing!

    The first week of November 2015 I remember being another foggy period, Sunday 1st was really mild and sunny but the fog descended on the Sunday afternoon and lasted for about 5 days.

  14. It’s currently been foggy for the past few days here, it’s got me thinking about previous foggy periods.

    I seem to be remember the period before Christmas 2006 being really foggy for days, I think they had a lot of disruption in aviation before Christmas because of it.

    Another one that sticks out is the first week of April 2014, I believe that particular foggy spell was caused by smog and dust from Sahara. My car was covered in red dust when the fog lifted.

    Can anybody else remember any other memorable foggy spells?

  15. Taking my mind off Covid for a bit, what are people’s most memorable Halloween’s/Bonfire Nights weather wise?

    Halloween 2014 sticks in the mind most for me, I remember working outside in the sun and it felt like August. 2008 I remember for how cold it was.

    Bonfire night I can’t remember that many memorable ones, I remember 2012 being quite cold and clear because all the smoke stuck around in air all night and until the next morning.

    I’m sure they are many more memorable ones. 

  16. I can’t really remember much of 2005 but I know that the last part was really cold and frosty, I can’t remember any snow here though.

    2008 ended cold and that led into early December where we ended up getting quite a dumping of snow in the first week. My school was shut for the first time ever it seemed that week.

  17. 14 minutes ago, damianslaw said:

    Post 2008 pop has had its moments, indeed as said 2009-2012 period brought some excellent euphoric pop/dance music, ousted out hip hop/rap. More recently dare I say it even Justin Bieber produced a couple of belters in 2015, what do you mean and sorry. The rot set in 2016 with Drake One Dance.. and we've had Drake clones ever since, Stormzy hasnt helped and Ed Sheeran in 2017. We need bright bouncy pop and decent dance back, there was a resurgence of house music in 2013-2015 which was good.

    Yeah I agree with this, ever since One Dance topped the charts for about 20 weeks it has been mostly terrible. I have also listened to a lot of stuff from 2008-2015, guess I’m just nostalgic for normality ha 

  18. 18 minutes ago, I remember Atlantic 252 said:

    Aye, definitely, my favourite years for dance/r&b late 90's/early 00's, do you remember Atlantic 252? maybe a bit young

    Yeah I was a bit young but I agree about that era, love the house/dance music from then in particular 👍

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