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  1. Apart from the depth of the snow on the 22nd-24th my abiding memory of March 2013 was how bare the trees were going well into spring and the lack of any signs of spring for weeks. The beast from the east  2018 was extremely intense but shorter in length compared to 2013. 

    I remember snow on Easter 2008 and also we had a really wintry spell with snow showers in March 2007. 

    2006 was cold throughout (almost like a 2013 lite) and also I remember snow in the first week of March 2005.

  2. Remember this one well, I was at school at the time and weather interested me even back then. The worst winds came early afternoon when the skies cleared and it was a right gale.

    It’s only really beaten by the February 2014 storm here in my memory.

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