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  1. Heavy and very beautiful big feathery flakes now here in Tunbridge Wells! - most unexpected. The heaviest snow we have had this year! And of course it would be the one day we need to drive in it (essential appointment).....
  2. We have had a couple of flurries of snow here in Tunbridge Wells. Normally I would be excited about this, but my daughter is having her 18th birthday party today - in the garden, of course, with the correct number of friends - postponed from March when of course no friends were allowed but 'Never mind,' we told ourselves, 'we'll have it in April instead, at least it will be warmer then.....' - it is Arctic out there!
  3. Here we go again in Tunbridge Wells..... it won't be Snowmageddon, but it's always lovely to see it.
  4. Really heavy bursts of snow here now! - big feathery flakes. Most unexpected!
  5. Everything is frozen solid here still - we are on the top of a hill and snow/ice always linger for days after everyone else has lost theirs. Good luck for today!
  6. Let's hope so - the depths haven't exactly inspired a great deal of awe so far! - though it's lovely to see snow falling.
  7. It is absolutely lethal out there! - not sure of the temperature, but it sure feels colder than it has done since this spell of weather started. There's very little thaw here, although the sun is shining. I appreciate that the Sheba must be delivered come what may, but take care!
  8. This is indeed a very strange snow event, not sure I can remember anything quite like it in terms of longevity of incredibly light snow. It's a bit like lockdown, I guess - it goes on, and on, and on, but nothing seems to change much...... but at least this morning we do have all surfaces covered and it's looking properly wintry out there. And still snowing! - didn't expect that.
  9. The Met Office forecast is being extremely bullish for the Amber warning area and indeed for an area extending outside it - am a lot more optimistic than I was an hour ago!
  10. Starting to settle very slowly on some surfaces..... I guess if it does keep up all day and into tomorrow, as the MetO is still optimistically suggesting for this location, we may end up with a couple of centimetres.
  11. Well, it's not everything I hoped it would be. Yet. But at least it's snow.
  12. Am loving the use of the word 'will' rather than the usual 'may'! - the MetO tend to do that only when there is a pretty high degree of certainty.
  13. I think I counted 14 heavy snow symbols for my town in the 36 hours from midnight! - haven't seen that for years.
  14. Can I ask what's probably a really silly question? - on the NW 7-Day Forecast pages it gives accumulations for precipitation - are those per hour, or for the three-hour period - am assuming the latter or we would all be buried?
  15. Believe me, I'm not that imaginative - the comment I was referring to has now been deleted. And the person who posted it has apologised, so let's draw a line under it and just look forward to some hopefully amazing weather..... that's what we're all here for.
  16. I honestly don't think posts about 'beating off' to weather presenters are appropriate, certainly not on this thread.
  17. Yes, I can understand that. So why is there not a dedicated area for posts about the sexual attractions of weather presenters?
  18. Can I ask: why is it that posts about the Covid vaccine are removed yet posts comparing the attributes of TV presenters are allowed? - yes, I guess you could claim a weather connection, but surely there's a more appropriate thread somewhere on this website.....
  19. That is exactly how I feel! - the best thing about snow for me is watching it fall, I love it the day after when it's crisp and white but hate it when it gets sloshy and brown.....
  20. The MetO have just updated their weekend forecast - I know this is really NIMBY (or IMBY) of me, and I suspect other parts of Kent will do better than us here on the W Kent/East Sussex borders - but anyway, they are suggesting that Kent in particular will see 'significant' amounts of snow over Saturday night and into Sunday.
  21. Whenever there's snow forecast I always tell myself I will be sensible and go to bed at a reasonable time but I know full well that come 4AM on Sunday, there I will be, turning the light outside the back door on and off.....
  22. We are just outside it too, but our town usually does very well from this sort of set-up..... and it's early days!
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