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  1. It is sunny intervals in Plymouth today and according to my outdoor barometer, 11c.
  2. Well,it has been a windy old time in the South-West just of late. I have never known a year like it. You would expect to see one or two storms a year,but not like this and in such a rapid fashion too. I ventured down to Plymouth Hoe during one storm and it was unreal. As there are only 15 days of Winter left,is this stormy weather due to continue into Spring or is there to be a sting in the tail like Spring 2013..
  3. So are we going to get anything that resembles a Winter in January and February '14 [in the Plymouth and Cornwall areas/ice and snow/chilling winds etc-etc],as it has been on the mild side so far. Or will this mild air stretch into Spring,followed by what was seen in 2013 - ''another severe cold snap'' ?. 9.4c outside at the moment,with plenty of cloud and a breeze. More wet and windy weather coming in for the next two days. NYD has been forecast to be bloody terrible. I am watching a Channel Four documentary on the cold snaps of 2010. It seems like a life-time ago that that happened.
  4. It is warm-ish today,with temperatures likely to hit anything up to 12c early this week. And we still have insects flying about,which is not right for December (ala the 1990s). Bloody cold yesterday though,especially sat in Home Park watching the footie.
  5. Still cheesed off with this mild,wet,damp and windy weather.. Just had a look at the Met Office site and they do not see much change,although they think there could be colder and drier weather on the far horizon.. Below is an extract from the Met Office site.. Monthly Outlook Summary No change to wet and windy weather as 2013 begins As we head through Christmas the generally unsettled theme will continue to affect all parts of the UK. There is very little sign of any change in the story either as 2013 begins, with the most likely weather scenario involving a persistent pattern of weather
  6. So much for some of those Winter forecasts online that said we [uK] can expect a colder than average Winter. Ok,i know we are only in to Winter just and there is some way to go yet,but this mild spell is forecast for next week too. Would it appear that the cold spell in early December was a flash in the pan [was that the Winter for us],or can anyone care to guess as to if we [uK] will see colder weather returning going in to 2013 and beyond. Cheesed off with this mild/damp and rainy weather we have at the moment. It feels like it did in October and November. It is 11.6c outside right now,wi
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