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  1. Hi wg,

    Thank you for your very kind words, this morning. I'm enjoying doing those early morning summaries for the week ahead. Plus, as you are no doubt aware, love to ramble on about the past, especially "Thames Streamers". As I've stated before, lucky still to be here after suffering a Haemorrhagic Stroke in September 2015, a week after my 60th birthday. 

    It affected both my short and long-term memory. Had to learn to talk, walk, eat (that wasn't too hard :oldgrin:). I'd even forgotten I was a member of Netweather!! But finding NW again has certainly aided my rehabilitation. I had to teach myself Computer skills again. I used to work for a Bookmaker in Croydon and really miss those days, Although I've made a good recovery, I'm still not able to got out on my own. My wife has been a real star, on my road to recovery. In fact I don't think I'd be here without her love, care and attention to detail. Colette fought hard to get me back on my feet. She fought my corner with Benefit Agencies and Hospital Depts.

    On the subject of long-term memory, am I right in saying a few years ago you holidayed on Lake Garda or Lake Como, in Italy?  If so, it's another good sign that my long-term memory is virtually back to where it was, pre-Stroke. As I've stated before on the S.E.thread, Colette is a fantastic cook. I'm half-Italian and love Italian food. My mother was from the south, near Naples. Do you like Italian food yourself, wg? Colette has promised me a Lasagna tonight and she cooks it as well, as any of my Italian relatives. Her Carbonara, Tagliatelle al Ragu and Polpette (Italian meatballs), are all really special too.

    I'm rambling on again!!:oops:

    Very best wishes, wg and thanks again.

    Tom and Colette (SE12).

    1. weathergeek


      Ah bless you, sounds like you've been through an awful lot in the last few years! So glad you have such a lovely and determined wife to see you through! And I'm also glad you remembered you were a NW member, the SE Regional needs you!!!😀😀

      Yes your long term memory is still there as I did go to Lake Garda, back in May 2013, absolutely beautiful! I'm not crazy about Italian food but it was lovely to try some real authentic cuisine!!!

      Enjoy your lasagne tonight (makes me hungry!) and keep rambling!!!!

      WG x

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