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  1. How the ruddy hell do you lot manage yummy storms and still to wake up to blue skys! I'm under that left of tosh from the East and got no action
  2. A right old dumping from that storm here. Tons of rumbles and cracks. Not a light storm for sure. Looks like it's lessened a bit now maybe though. Saw lightning too. Was just crossing the road from school run when the first loud rumble went and scared my kids to death :-D
  3. More thunder just gone through here.Gunshot just over the road and a couple of fields away (the barracks!) just had me nearly screaming the house down a bit ago! Managed to get eldest down for 45 minutes then that woke us ... she's now in with daddy and I'm on the sofa!
  4. I can see flashing out West from here. Not even got the child back to sleep yet! I'm on her floor on a matress. She is jumping at every small noise. Gonna be a long night. Gonna close my eyes and try to get 20 in before that Salisbury one gets noisy.
  5. Oh sod it. I can't wait any longer. I'm going to have a shower and go in the garden. My bushes need a choppin'!
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