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  1. Gorgeous photos. I had my first ever Fieldfare visit my garden today and he was very hungry, poor little beggar was eating the shrivelled little crab apples off my tree
  2. heavy shower on here at the moment, typical I've just been out and cleared the bleeding paths!!
  3. Wow, I reckon I did pretty well during the night. Hard to tell depth at the moment but it's very impressive for my location and proximity to the sea. Will get my act together later and measure depths and hopefully post photos. Temps are well up on previous mornings and currently sitting at -0.7c so could well go above freezing today if the sun makes an appearance. Looks as though the showers are set to last for the day here so still more to come.
  4. Yup, and it's still dinging down. Was planning to have an early night tonight but this is just mesmerising and I can't stop staring out the window. Really hope you get blasted with the white stuff soon
  5. Thundersnow is a first for me, and I got so excited I actually squealed and started clapping my hands..............hubby came running through from the sitting room to find me standing in the dark kitchen grinning like a Cheshire cat
  6. Dinging it down and just seen a flash of lightning out my kitchen window................Jeez, I love this weather
  7. Have done pretty well these past few days and managed to be in a sweet spot for catching most of the showers. Been snowing constantly since 1542 this afternoon (yes, I checked the time) and has been a white out for the last hour..............
  8. Morning all, A quick peek out the window indicates nothing epic, but around 3 maybe 4 inch of even cover and by the looks of things more to come Currently -3.7c , so another great start to the day Just started dinging it down
  9. Snowing here and instantly lying, thought I wouldn't see anything till this evening so that's made a great start to the day
  10. Here you go Hairy Celt.................."Chionomania" is a mania/obsession for snow..........................so I guess you are officially a Chionomaniac
  11. Good morning all, Didn't get a massive amount of snowfall, but I'm still a happy bunny. -4c here currently and everything white even down to the shore.....................ooooh, I love snow
  12. 5c now here and wind gusting around 65mph, lots of sleet showers barreling in now and 2 trampolines spotted heading towards the cliff...............better than the telly
  13. Morning all, currently 6c, strongest gust 59mph, fairly clear skies and actually quite a bright morning, wind not bad between gusts averaging 34mph. Nothing out of the ordinary here yet for my location, we shall see what the day brings. Stay safe folks
  14. Ha, so it wasn't just here then. Had exactly the same Yellow to orange sky here, was actually on the phone to my sis when it went yellow and I mentioned that it looked snowy to her. As Hairy Celt said, temps are way too high, but an odd coloured sky nonetheless.
  15. Been snowing here for last hour and really quite heavy now. After my inittial dissapointment that it wasn't lying, I'm happy to say that everything is now white even at close proximity to the sea
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