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  1. please its time for 'that'ecm

    1. I remember Atlantic 252

      I remember Atlantic 252

      just gone the anniversary hasn't it! was 5th Dec '12

  2. rip god bless

    our weather buddy

    David McDonald gone far too soon.

    1. DisruptiveGust


      OMG Just seen his Facebook wall, R.I.P David :(

    2. Angelici Magiovinium

      Angelici Magiovinium

      RIP Dave Mac - so sorry to hear this sad news :-( 

  3. Getting sick of cherries now.

  4. very scary indeed here:((

    1. Eugene


      Even scarier looking at this mornings model output, absolute frightening

    2. IanR


      Not frightened at all , all of these storms so far have produced all the violence of a moderate breeze here

      The script will be more or less the same for the next one, getting bored of them, and thats from a storm lover, come on mother nature, show us a bit more excitement than a twig mover

  5. freezing ,crisp,and frozen here in colchester this morning.

  6. please please if you see a dog in a car over this hot period,report it straight away thanks xx

    1. jtay


      hahaha... very good t_x1. :D

  7. Lagers nearly ready ,just in time for the nice weather hopefully;)

  8. sat in Theo garden today and nearly had to get up to my weather station as it was still lol

  9. Many thanks to all on net weather for another fun filled winter:)

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    2. Angelici Magiovinium

      Angelici Magiovinium

      Hope your feeling better now :-) x

    3. Steve C

      Steve C

      Agreed MKSA. We'll have to sort a day out for Spring.

    4. Keraunic


      Ha ha....the night of THE BLOB when it snowed was fab. Must all meet up soon hun. Hope you're feeling better.

  10. Well done to the netweather team on making your ten year milestone !

  11. The fog here in colchester is the thickest i ever saw and come down so fast?

  12. My daughter made the mistake of telling her mates,mums 'into'the weather,shes been texting me all day,with friends quetions.Most frquently asked will there be school next monday?

    1. karyo


      I get that with my friends asking me.

  13. 1036 users are reading the model thread,just awaiting the ecm now.........?

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    2. Summer Sun

      Summer Sun

      477 now as of 16:54 could tonight break the record set on December 5th 2012? its possible

    3. vizzy2004


      ecm will be mild

    4. 124alex


      Never seen it so busy!

  14. wondering if i will get a special gift from the gods on my birthday this year 27th dec ?x

  15. Most of my hair clients think will be under 2 foot of snow before weekends out,i have a headache from explaining now

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    2. Certain kind of fool

      Certain kind of fool

      i've heard people on the phone here changing work plans for next week because "it's going to snow". Not in Hampshire it isn't. I'll eat my own arms if it does. The Express has a lot to answer for. The general public really are daft when it comes to weather, aren't they?

    3. Aaron


      Continue to correct them and they may never come back!

    4. lindy2017


      yeah daily mail and express are good at it

  16. fluffy socks time!

  17. When will everyone be back i wonder?

    1. shotski


      LOL at your dog, looks just like mine.

    2. Coast


      After the ad breaks?

  18. yes i know it will change!dut 49%chance of snow has appeared on my region,on the 28th ,the day of my prediction on the calender sp and mk !

  19. If anyone is wondering why the top of the trifle is blue..i took it to a boys christening x

    1. gottolovethisweather


      must have been little boy blue's christening then. The attractive blonde lady remains on your other avatar btw.

    2. Floatylight


      i know it being weird !i have changed the blonde to our pic of a lightning bolt we caught,hasn't appeared yet though???

  20. so on the 10dayer 55% chance of snow next thurs(bound to change),not fab but the best shot so far !!

  21. so its milder today,so how come i am freezing cold??

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    2. Aaron


      Cause it's still winter regardless of how mild it is! ;)

    3. gottolovethisweather


      Because there is a draught around your wotsits, it happens to me all the time.

    4. Floatylight


      Think i was just having one of them days where i feel cold all the time,my tootsies were like ice.

  22. samantha jane lindsey is now 'floatylight'

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