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  1. When there is a lull in traffic behind me then yeah its audible. Its also died out a bit now.
  2. Just watching the cell over Chippenham from Bristol. Hearing rumbles now. Edit: First flash seen just now ?
  3. Errrmmm... it is snowing here. Winter just started Edit: Now a rain and snow mix... Edit: Now rain. Winter just ended
  4. Flash and a bang here in Bristol. More lightning and thunder than snow this winter ??
  5. Just travelling through the squall on the M25 West bound. Lightning looks to have died out for now. Conditions poor out here.
  6. Cool video! Digging out my drive way is a problem I'd love to have ?
  7. Some truly amazing cloud scapes on display yesterday... I didn't realise the day would be so convective. My initial plan was to do some drone photography of the Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol but that quickly changed when I managed to find a break between the heavy rain showers that were passing through. Jumped into the car and headed to towards Severn Beach. Trying to drive and gawp at the sky was difficult, though. ? Photos taken from Severn Beach, Stoke Gifford and Clifton, Bristol.
  8. Random strikes appearing all over the shop according to lightningmaps.org
  9. And again. Is this the start of everything going bang? We will see...
  10. Not sure whether to make a move and follow these cells into Gloucester or just wait to see if things explode like Tuesday..
  11. Nice.. looks like you have a queue of them on their way to you ?
  12. I know what you mean but sod it... we seem to miss the good stuff quite a lot so we should be greedy ??
  13. I know. Think I'm going to go with netweather, convective weather and estofex though. North I shall go!
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