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  1. don't worry Piers Corbyn says 'snowmaggedon' East Midlands northwards esp east coast in the very first days of Jan! hehehe
  2. thanks BUS. I might just go get earplugs!! Last night windy too so hoping to get better sleep tonight once hubby in from his Glasgow commute at 2am!
  3. Is still pretty windy here. local weather station says wind gusts at 47mph at minute altho we're further up the hill and more exposed. Its rained all day as well so me and kids getting cabin fever. Has the worst passed? Am looking forward to not hearing wind in background even if for an hour!
  4. Merry Christmas everyone! I dont post much but do read every day. You're a funny, helpful and nice bunch. Wind picked up here and lights are flickering. Glad I'm not the husband who has to go out and retrieve presents from the garage
  5. Still snowing here and pretty windy too. Shame it was so wet to start off with otherwise we would've had a good covering of snow by now. Electric went off for while but back on again for now, so am away to fill a flask with water just in case of more power cuts. Happy Birthday Mardatha
  6. Snowing heavily here but not lying as too wet. Really big flakes as well.
  7. Quite excited to wake up to snow that I didn't expect (although I know nothing about forecasting weather but I do read this thread every day!). The husband says there's no snow 1 mile up the road so feeling lucky. 0.5oC here
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