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  1. Think I'm done posting in this forum for now. 2 posts removed in two days, especially with some of the nonsense that's been allowed on here over the years.

    Will keep reading though. Here's to an epic Winter. 🌨️

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    2. lassie23


      it was really bad in March, my local hospital recorded 1000 deaths and the cases are rising here. My GP says that app does not give an accurate figure and cases are far higher than reported. Not as bad as up north though, what about Bedford?

    3. Dami


      cases are going up, now got around 118. our deaths are low for now. Our real figures from march were not correct, so about 800 were added. At the moment there are 4 cases in my village area and 22 in surrounding vilages closest to us. 4 families at school were awaiting tests. 

      What are your views though? should we open up or would you be happy to be more 'locked down'?

    4. lassie23


      well lock downs are the only thing that works and we should have been locked down a lot earlier. But Doris and co back in March said it poses little threat and even if anyone got it, it would be dealt with quickly. Considering it's a virus nobody knows much about, how did Doris know that they could deal with it quickly and as for it not being a threat to Care Homes omg. You just couldn't make a bigger mess of things if you tried .

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