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  1. Nizzer

    Autumn 2018

    Now that my holiday's over, I'm personally looking forward to Autumn/Winter. Starting to notice the nights drawing in now, and it's been great being able to sleep with the cooler nights.
  2. No comments in 10 hours! Would love to know what the models are showing this morning, can't read them for toffee myself.
  3. I think the Met Office may have got this one wrong. Their website now has me down for 31° max, when yesterday they had me down for 37°
  4. Nizzer

    Autumn 2018

    While this heat has been great, and I hope it's still around when I have 2 weeks off at the beginning of August. I do hope that come Autumn we have some epic storms and some very chilly weather towards the back half. While I'm at work, this heat is a killer!
  5. Pretty much what happens in Winter anyway! People moaning about others moaning in the moan thread has got to be the height of irony though.
  6. Probably a few in Australia!
  7. Nizzer

    Autumn 2018

    The thread was earlier last year. Would gladly take that, if the second half of Autumn, from Halloween to Guy Fawks night, is cold and crisp. My favourite memories of Autumn as a child was always the cold crisp November 5' with a sparkler in one hand and a Candy Apple in the other!
  8. As we close in on mid-summer, my thoughts are now turning towards my personal favourite time of year... Autumn/Winter. What are your thoughts and hopes for the next season? Is this magnificent summer we've had, going to keep up well into Autumn? Or are we going to see the pattern change to a more Autumnal setup? Is 2018 going to keep throwing in extreme periods of weather for us to enjoy? Or are we going to settle into a more standard period for the UK? I look forward to all your thoughts.
  9. I work nights, so don't have that problem. Only time I've seen darkness over the past couple of weeks has been on my journey home from work, and even that has only been Astronomical Twilight.
  10. Less than 2 weeks until true night returns. However much I'm enjoying this wonderful Summer we're having at the moment, I still yearn for the descent into Winter.
  11. Who will be giving out the free ice creams if it's illegal to work????
  12. Why is this thread in the "Historic Weather" section?
  13. Yep, I'm a Coldie from Oct to Feb. But I want my Spring warmth now! Can't believe some are still looking for snow for Easter!
  14. I like my cold and snow from end of October to end of February. This cold is wearing thin on me at the moment. It's my Bday in less than a month, and I like my Bdays hot!
  15. Oh god, when the models start trending towards some warmer weather, I'm going to be jumping for joy. I'm a coldy at heart, but I like my cold during the Winter, and preferably measured in feet. This extended Spring cold is starting to grate!