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  1. It's been this way since the site started. It was like that on the old BBC Snow Watch forum too! It's why most people visit. The chase is sometimes just as good as the actual outcome! It would be rather boring if you just had one or two guys posting a weather forecast everyday wouldn't it?!
  2. Oh god another one. It's never ending!
  3. Guys, please tell me what you're celebrating?! Nothings changed! Just another variation of the cold spell that's coming next week!
  4. In my opinion, if I wanted to be cautious, I wouldn't visit this site, I would just visit the BBC/Met Office site. I want ramping and excitement. I want members digging out the coldest and snowiest perturbations. If you don't want to be dissapointed, get your weather news from the pro's!
  5. There is (regardless of what some say in this thread) a cold/very cold spell on the way. How cold/snowy is still to be seen. But coming into this thread, there seems to be loads of members preying for it to fail so they can play their 'told you so' bit. And then they have the audacity to complain about the members in the MOD thread when they themselves contribute f all to the site!
  6. Looks like the 'told you so's' are waking up . What happened to the good old days, when people came on here to discuss the weather and not each other?!
  7. Last 5 posts ^^^^^^ Edit: Sorry to those just above this post. That was aimed at all the UKMO winner/fail posts.
  8. Yep, lets close down the forum. Everybody just visit the Met Office website once a day to see the weather for the next 24 hours. No point in coming here and viewing the models as it's a waste of time!
  9. I do wonder if people come to this forum not realising its a weather forum, and complain about others discussing the weather!
  10. It was, but you have to hope. I've had to watch everyone North of me get snow this Winter. Then everyone south get a sprinkling. I've had ziltch! Getting a bit frustrating now. Who do I write my letter of complaint too?
  11. Didn't like the look of Schafernakers forecast during the night for my location. Everything fizzles out before it reaches South Essex. Bloody story of my Winter so far!
  12. BBC still showing 'Light Snow' for my area in South Essex. Getting a bit worried now that this is going to be another non-event for me again. Need the winds to move to a more ENE direction tonight and it could be jackpot for me!
  13. Please lets not see this thread descend into chaos like the other thread. The whole sites already becoming far more tedious these days, lets try and keep some sanity in here at least!