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  1. Well that's another 2 blocked, from this thread alone!
  2. There are posters that contribute zilch to the Mod thread whos post seem to get left alone. One rule for some...
  3. It's a pity this thread isn't really used. I'm not really interested in 144+ charts. But it's all that seems to get posted in the other thread.
  4. Seriously the model thread is bloody annoying sometimes. Why can't none of you people PM each other with your willy waggling and just post yours thoughts with accompanying charts to show how you believe things are going to pan out?! I don't want to read why you think this person or that persons wrong. I also don't want to read "my favourite list of annoying sayings" or the little snidey comments about other posters. Please guys....... Grow up!
  5. I have no doubt we're getting a cold spell at some point over the next 6 weeks or so. Just wish some patients was shown by some when the charts are dross. When the cold arrives, this forum is a great place.
  6. The problem is, there's too much willy waggling going on. Maybe having it contained to one thread might calm things down a bit.
  7. Don't make me go through the last two threads to pull out quotes, because there are so many, and I really can't be arsed. But I'll point you here to a time long ago (Nov 18th) and you will see there were plenty of charts showing cold. And quite a few within 144 hours: Now I can't quite comment on what the experts were expecting (Depends on who you mean by experts), but there were plenty of posters on here talking about cold spells, (not just chilly conditions) over the period from late November onward.
  8. I think you guys are confusing things here. Lassie quite rightly said that "Cold" was being forecast and not the "SSW"! And if you go back to the beginning of this thread and to the previous hunt for cold thread, you will quite clearly read that "cold" was indeed being forecast firstly at the end of November, then the beginning of December, then again around Christmas time, and so on and so forth....... Now the SSW has only been forecast to affect the weather from around the new year onward, and I don't see many disagreeing with that.
  9. Driving up from the south tomorrow, up to Pontefract, then on to York to take my son to the railway museum. Picked the perfect day for all that driving!
  10. Nizzer

    Winter 2018/19

    Read from the above post onward, you will see that the models were showing the cold to start from Sunday/Monday. As we got closer to the start time of the cold spell, 'this weekend', it has been watered down. That's why I said "Get these cold charts down to 72/96hrs and I'll star to get excited." Which never happened!
  11. Nizzer

    Winter 2018/19

    Since this cold spell was picked up last week, it was scheduled for this weekend, which if I do my maths correctly, is well within 72 hours. No smugness, just experience that tells me that anything after 144hrs (sometimes sooner) is mostly a pipe dream.
  12. Nizzer

    Winter 2018/19

    Excellent model output this morning. Still giving it a few more days before I get excited. What a great start to Winter if these charts come off.