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  1. Why is this thread in the "Historic Weather" section?
  2. Yep, I'm a Coldie from Oct to Feb. But I want my Spring warmth now! Can't believe some are still looking for snow for Easter!
  3. I like my cold and snow from end of October to end of February. This cold is wearing thin on me at the moment. It's my Bday in less than a month, and I like my Bdays hot!
  4. Oh god, when the models start trending towards some warmer weather, I'm going to be jumping for joy. I'm a coldy at heart, but I like my cold during the Winter, and preferably measured in feet. This extended Spring cold is starting to grate!
  5. I'm longing for the warmth to return now. Where is the end of this miserable cold spell?! Hopefully the ECM was onto something this morning.
  6. God, no more pitiful snow! Bring on the southerly plumes please. Need some warmth in my life now.
  7. So, second beasterly of the month, and I must say, we have done pretty poorly with both of them in the SE, compared to other regions. How the stained glass window did that happen? I must admit though, I'm never going to be happy, unless I'm measuring my snow in feet, not inches!
  8. Time to merge the SE threads again? Don't see neither being as busy again for the time being.
  9. Personally, I'm ready for spring now. Looking for the first mid-teen temps, which are obviously no-where to be seen on the models at the moment! Need that Jet Stream to start heading north again.
  10. But that is what the Amber warning is for, which they issued days in advance!
  11. Wholeheartedly disagree with this thread. In an ever-changing situation, like it has been over the past few days, I think the Met Office has done a fantastic job in keeping people informed. It's nigh-on impossible to predict the exact path that snow will follow, so for them to get it more or less spot on is fantastic. Issuing 'Red Warnings' as a precaution is plain stupid! It leads to the 'crying wolf' situation, and can endanger life in the future, if the masses ignore future warnings because 'Red Warnings' are given out Daily Express style!
  12. Looking to me like it's starting to pivot west. Been watching the last few frames over and over, and it definitely seems to be moving the wrong way for us.
  13. Never be glad at missing such an epic event! Wish I was there!
  14. Boring! For an Easterly, this current cold spell has been very mundane in my location. Wish I was in Scotland, now there's some proper epic weather!