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  1. Ok fine. I'm not going to derail the thread further. But if you guys are happy with what you call "banter" then why not direct it straight to the people you're posting it about. See if they think it's banter.
  2. Yes I wholeheartedly agree, if it's light hearted banter then it's fine. What's happening in here though isn't banter. Guy's are digging out people who are not even posting in here which is completely different.
  3. So are you saying that when there isn't any weather to moan about it's ok for us all to dig each other out?
  4. Well ok, it seems like you guys are set to continue. Maybe we should have another thread where you can all have your digs and sarcy comments and you could leave it out of here a?
  5. I don't understand what you mean by "self forecasting". But if the models are showing snow, even if it is out at 240+ hours then it's fair game, as after all it is the model thread. Anyone in said thread should be aloud to post about what is showing in the models without having to be dug out in this thread.
  6. For crying out loud. 90% of the posts in on this page alone have got some sort of dig or sarcastic comment directed to those posting in the MOD thread! Is this what this thread is for?
  7. Wow, 41 members in the model thread! About time something brought this place back to life!
  8. It's looking good for a cool down before Halloween next week at the moment. Lets see if we can get it into the reliable.
  9. UK faces MONTHS of SNOW

    Quick heads up...................... That's not the Mirror!
  10. Autumn thoughts

    Haha. Well turn me over, slap me on the a**e and call me a lunatic.
  11. Autumn thoughts

    Of course, depending on your preference I should of added.
  12. Autumn thoughts

    Yes, looking forward to all the Winter peeps showing their faces. Best time of the year almost here!
  13. Autumn thoughts

    BIB. Nail, head and all that jazz. If it wasn't so rare and we had a Siberian Winter every year, we wouldn't crave it like we do. It doesn't happen that often in this country, which is one if the reasons why (to me anyway) we love it so much. Part of the fun every Autumn/Winter on Netweather is the chase, and the people on here that contribute.
  14. This week in a GIFy: Definitely some growth in ice. Winters coming!!!!!!