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  1. Autumn thoughts

    Haha. Well turn me over, slap me on the a**e and call me a lunatic.
  2. Autumn thoughts

    Of course, depending on your preference I should of added.
  3. Autumn thoughts

    Yes, looking forward to all the Winter peeps showing their faces. Best time of the year almost here!
  4. Autumn thoughts

    BIB. Nail, head and all that jazz. If it wasn't so rare and we had a Siberian Winter every year, we wouldn't crave it like we do. It doesn't happen that often in this country, which is one if the reasons why (to me anyway) we love it so much. Part of the fun every Autumn/Winter on Netweather is the chase, and the people on here that contribute.
  5. This week in a GIFy: Definitely some growth in ice. Winters coming!!!!!!
  6. I think you need to look closer at who John is quoting. I don't think he is comparing the whole country to Heathrow at all.
  7. This week in a GIFy: Still losing Ice. Also lost some of the snow we gained last week.
  8. Please please please can we have just one season where we don't have threads spiraling into this bloody coldies vs mildies crap!? It's childish and ruins the threads for those of us who are here purely for the weather.
  9. This week in a GIFy: Definitely still losing ice, but snow is coming along nicely.
  10. Ok, I do get the pessimism of some on here. However, you must realise that, never has a cold blast been predicted this far in advance. So excuse me for not given a rat's backside what long range models are saying. Now let's not derail this excellent thread no more than we already have.
  11. As we well know on these tiny islands, small margins make a big difference.
  12. As said above, I'm not having a dig at you Don but, the pros were sure we were on a cold one last year....... the rest is history!
  13. Absolutely love this thread. Certainly my favorite of the year. And for posterity, here is what we should be aiming for....
  14. Is it bash a poster time in here again? I thought this was reserved for Autumn/Winter! It's just like a playground in here sometimes.
  15. Autumn thoughts

    An Autumn like last year would be a good start. The colours last year were amazing.