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  1. More importantly, when is the Met Office switching off their Super Computer? And ceasing operations? Maybe BBC Weather should get tae f——k as well.
  2. Was this forecast written by a five-year-old? or a re———d?
  3. I think 'uncertainty' and 'spell' are Met Offices two favourite words?
  4. Daily fooki** Mails s——te machine.
  5. I have leaves to pick up. And. Another million things-to-do on the 'things-to-do-list'.
  6. -Dry. -Cold. -Frosty. -Hopefully Snow tomorrow morning.
  7. The weird-random choice of words that are commonly used in Weather Forecasting "spell, snap, gale, period, upland, etc, etc"; it's annoying. Grammar nazism.
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