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  1. Just heard virgin 873p giving it fully welly flying over Worsley!
  2. They're really struggling to land the big birds at Manchester Airport!! https://www.flightradar24.com/53.48,-2.22/10
  3. Strongest gusts of the morning here in Worsley, neighbours bins gone for a burton!!
  4. First "guided" gritting run on the Leigh Ellenbrook guided busway this morning, has -2.8 c in a couple of the frost hollows, here's to plenty more runs being required this winter!!!
  5. Morning all, been preparing for the first operational winter on the Leigh Ellenbrook Guided Busway. Been gritter driving over the last couple of week. Should be getting the outline winter forecast from Wigan Council in the next week, hoping that we have some winter weather to battle through this year!!
  6. Hammering down here in Oldham town centre, lots of the buses have stopped running, receiving lots of calls re ungritted roads being impassable.
  7. Is the snow that is currently forecast for tonight from the front that currently shows on the radar across Wales/West Country? Struggle to see how there would be much left of it looking at the current strength!
  8. A direction sign post on the A23 outside of Brighton - that hurt.........
  9. The raintoday radar shows the heavier precipitation moving in nicely to coincided with the night time temp drop
  10. Precipitation just starting in Worsley, the odd flake mixed with icy rain. Need the temp to drop pronto!!!
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