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  1. Well said Sky Full. I'm currently on my holidays staying in Freshwater East down in Pembrokeshire. I have just spent the day on the beach and when the sun was out is was scorching! Certainly felt hotter than 21 degrees. Might get a little unsettled from Monday for a few days but looking good again tomorrow. After Tuesday l think things will settle down again. Certainly no washout. Good summer once again
  2. Nearly stopped here now thank goodness. Very windy blowing lying powdery snow around. I work in a care home so have NO choice about getting to and from work. I don't care about record breaking blizzards or anything else. The fact that there is currently a red warning in place for my area is very concerning because public transport will grind to a halt later on and roads will become impassible. I hate snow because of the disruption it causes especially for those of us who HAVE to get to work regardless of the weather.
  3. Hi guys, I don't post on here very often but I wondered of anyone with much greater weather knowledge than me would be perpared to hazard a guess at to the potential weather forecast for August for Pembrokeshire. The first two weeks I'm on holiday down there and last year the same fortnight was absolutely glorious with me and my family getting about 10 days on the beaches. I've seen conflicting predictions with some 'weather gurus' saying August will be naff with a lot of cool and wet weather about whilst others say that August will be potentially the best of the three summer months althoug
  4. Vantage Weather Services formerly known as Positive Weather Solutions aka Jonanthan Powell has produced its/his Summer 2014 forecast and here it is: Summer 2014: Some Favourable Passages of Weather. JUNE 2014 June looks likely to offer some decent spells of weather with warm temperatures to match. Whilst projections seem to run close to the average a lot of the time against year on year records, there is, especially across southern and eastern areas, a lean towards drier and warmer than average values. The rest of the country will also experience some fair weather, but probably tempered
  5. I asked the question about 10 days ago about the prospects for this good/excellent weather continuing right through August. I see that the METO 16 - 30 day outlook have today slightly changed their wording from a 'more changeable conditions spreading further south at times into August' to a 'southern areas seem rather more likely on balance to hold onto the fine and settled and sometimes warm weather, although there is an overall increased likelihood that rather more unsettled and cooler conditions may spread southwards at times'. I realise that at some point this hot spell will break down
  6. Being a forecasting novice but loving the upcoming warm/hot spell, does anyone want to hazard a guess at what the rest of the summer will hold weatherwise from mid-July onwards. I'm thinking particularly of the school summer hols period and my holiday in Pembrokeshire the first two weeks of August. I realise no forecast can be date specific but I was hoping that those of you with good knowledge of synoptics, ocillations and projection charts will have an inkling of how the remainder of summer MIGHT pan out. Thanks guys
  7. Hi All I don't post very often on here 'cos I'm not well versed in following weather charts, synoptics and the like but I really enjoy reading the posts of those who do. Vantage Weather Services (VWS) formerly Positive Weather Solutions have just today released their summer forecast for 2013. VWS of course is Mr Jonathan Powell who I know gets a fair amount of press coverage on here - usually bad. Now, DON'T SHOOT THE MESSENGER, I'm only posting what VWS/Powell are saying for this year so here goes: Vantage Weather ServicesSummer 2013: Some short-lived spells of fine, dry, warm or very
  8. I agree TWS. I only posted my response because this thread is for winter emotions and moaning and when I saw the various forecasts and model projections this morning it cheered me up hence my happy emotion. My intention was not to wind others up because, and I'm only guessing here, everyone who uses and posts on Netweather has a weather preference be it cold or hot, rain or snow etc, etc, etc. I am a complete novice when it comes to the weather but watch it avidly and I'm trying to understand more all the time which is why I spend probably a few hours every week looking at Netweather and lo
  9. Ah ha TwisterGirl, isn't a huge big snowstorm or a huge big windstorm just as much a threat to homes and/or human life as the wet and windy weather I have been accused of liking? I too am being honest and I think there is far more danger with cold weather than there is with mild. People don't put their heating on because of the cost and simply wrap up warm but this might be heading off towards a political rant about gas and electrcity prices so probably not for this thread!
  10. Oooooh I do seem to have put a cat amongst a few pigeons. I have NO regrets. The Winter Rampers or Snow Lovers are just as selfish and self centered as us warmth and heat lovers. I know it's not what you want to hear in December but there you go. TwisterGirl makes a good point about cold weather killing off bugs but apart from that nothing will change my view. I should point out that just because the weather is mild, it will not necessarily follow that ther will be floods of biblical proportions as some of you seem to think. The Meto are going for 'the signal for rain and snowfall amoun
  11. Wooo Hooo! Milder weather on the way. My winter emotion is veeery happy at the moment. My heating bills will stop rocketing, I'll stop freezing my preverbials off waiting for trains and buses and, most important of all, it means the people in the care home I work in won't be put at risk. Some of the cold lovers in here should take a few minutes to think of those us who HAVE to get to work regardless of the weather because the people we are responsible for would not survive without constant care and attention. What would you think or feel if it was your elderly family member in a home wher
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