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  1. Just had a light snow shower here. It lay in my back garden but not on roads and paths.
  2. Morning folks. Still snowing here, scientific top of bin depth measurement gives about 3 inches. Daughter thoroughly disappointed that her school is still open
  3. Looks like more on the way later if it makes it that far. I'll likely still be awake, someone arriving any minute to fix my heating. Swear it breaks down every couple of months and at the worst time!
  4. Waiting on the bus home from work in Drumahoe here. Really nice layer!
  5. Snowing here now, lying a little on grass and cars. Would need to be a bit heavier and/or bigger flakes to lie elsewhere. Just got a lot heavier, that's the stuff now
  6. Last band of showers died out before it even got to me So hopefully something later instead.
  7. Just starting to snow here and sticking right away Edit - stopping now but it was just a rogue shower ahead of that front moving in.
  8. Annnnnnnd rain. Benbradagh obscured by cloud, might be snow there.
  9. That band of showers is running south of me and the ground is damp from earlier and the frost gone. Shall see in the morning but I am not hopeful.
  10. Definite nip in the air tonight. Footpaths here are slippy and a hoar frost on cars that have been sitting for a while.
  11. Showers showing as sleet and snow on the radar now. Fingers crossed.
  12. The showers passing through here are sleet with flakes mixed in. Radar said just rain at the time. Definitely colder now than when I was out at midday, currently 3 degrees.
  13. Too mild yet here, hoping after dark will make a difference though I think it was more the early hours of tomorrow morning it was due to snow anyway.
  14. Yep, they are. I've started to scroll past their posts. Entitled to their opinion of course but it's the way it's put forward.
  15. Just had a hail shower here. Not sure what has been going on the rest of the night, the vodka took over . I'm off to bed!
  16. Nice video Sperrin! Nothing here for a while now, showers all missing me so far.
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